Molly Loomis

5 Avalanche Safety Rules of the Backcountry

Using tools from psychology and advertising, avalanche researcher Ian McCammon has spent the past 20 years analyzing what he calls the psychological terrain. The upshot: more accidents are due to...

Winter Camping Essentials

Winter is clearly the season for camping, so check out these 10 great essentials and make no excuses.

Western Mountaineering Flight Pants

First things first: your pack will be heavier. You’ll be packing more food, fuel, and layers. As for shelter, if you’re not expecting high winds or heavy snowfall, you probably don’t need to upgrade...

Jetboil Sumo TI Stove

Even in low temperatures, the Sumo TI boiled water faster than the competition.

The Nao headlamp automatically senses ambient light and adjusts itself appropriately to your situation.

Vaude Norrsken Sleeping Pad

You can carry both an inflatable and a closed-cell sleeping pad, or you can spring for the Norrsken.

5.10 Coyote Canvas

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2012 Summer Buyer's Guide, including the 5.10 Coyote Canvas climbing shoes.