Monique Ryan

Five Supercharged Whole Grains

Five supercharged whole grains and grainlike foods you can substitute into your diet without feeling like a health-food nut.

The Missing Ingredient?

Vitamin D may turn out to be a wonder nutrient for your health and performance. If you're not getting enough—and you probably aren't—you need to start.

Shift Gears

You don't need a triathlon-specific bike. Many beginners don't use one. Still, the races don't allow drafting, so a more aerodynamic position can really speed you up. Plus it's...

Tri Talk

Master your multisport lingo

Basic Training

Presenting a completely sane three-stage plan to get you ready for an Olympic-distance triathlon

Fun & Gains

It's a lot easier than you think to train for an Olympic-distance triathlon. And if you follow our newbie-friendly plan, it's also a blast.

Wake Them Up With a Splash

How to bring the world's freshwater woes into focus? Try 3-D. On one of the most ambitious Imax projects to date, 44 river warriors including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Wade Davis go sloshing down...

Running to Stand Still

Meditation doesn’t mean sitting. True practice can work on the trail, in the surf, or on the slopes.

Morning Glory

It’s the most important meal of the day, so make it count. Here's how to do breakfast right for any schedule.

Eat to Win

Know why, when, and how to fuel with our complete guide to the athlete's diet

Liquid Logic

Create your personal hydration plan

Fitness, Served

Peak performance starts with a smart diet. Here are five edible solutions for challenges every athlete will face.