Nick Kelley

DJI Inspire Drone

DJI established itself as the powerhouse of the drone industry two years ago with the release of the now-ubiquitous and easy-to-fly Phantom. Its latest model, the Inspire 1, is even more exciting,...

Polaroid's Cube

In case you're looking for yet another action camera to add to your shopping list, check out Polaroid's new Cube.

SPL’s GoPro Water Housing

Ever wonder how surf photographers get that cool half in, half out of the water shot as the surfer rides by? The answer: an underwater housing with a dome mount.

Howler Brothers Pescador Shirt

The Austin-based clothing company, Howler Brothers, has developed a cult following since its launch a few years ago.

That Viral Shark Video from Australia?

Terry Tufferson posted a video on YouTube yesterday with some POV footage of his recent jump into Sydney Harbour, which quickly turned into a close encounter with a shark. Titled GoPro: Man Fights... Read More

Danny MacAskill's New Video

Danny MacAskill is famous for his agility, balance, and urban bike riding skills. Exploding on the scene in 2009 and 2010 with wildly popular YouTube videos, MacAskill has continued to impress and,... Read More

CENTR 360-Degree HD Camera

CENTR, a new unit that’s already raised more than $450,000 on Kickstarter, looks poised to ignite the 360-degree camera world.

Vine Is Master of Disguise

A recently discovered vine in Chile and Argentina has camouflage and mimicry characteristics never before seen in the plant realm. With the ability to change its shape, size, color, orientation,... Read More

World-Record BASE Jump in Dubai

A pair of French skydivers set a world record for BASE jumping from world's tallest building in Dubai on Monday. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet completed the record feat by jumping from the Burj... Read More

New App Is Soundtrack to the Earth

Conceived by Purdue University professor and landscape ecologist Bryan Pijanowski, the Soundscape Recorder app lets you listen to the sounds of the earth. App users can record snippets of sound on... Read More

Skin Cancer Doubles in Southeast UK

Skin cancer rates have doubled in southeastern Britain over the past 20 years, according to a new report from Cancer Research UK. (Stateside, the incidience of the cancer has risen by 1.6 percent... Read More

Time to Leave the Grid?

Defecting from the power grid is becoming viable a lot quicker than anyone expected. According to a new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), in many regions solar panel and battery... Read More

Will Sriracha Leave California?

In an announcement on Wednesday, Huy Fong Foods owner David Tran said he was seriously considering moving his Sriracha production plant to another location. After months of complaints and battles... Read More

L.A. Mountain Lion Poisoned

Scientists captured the well-known mountain lion of Los Angeles's Griffith Park this week after noticing the cat was showing signs of illness and possibly poisoning. The four-year-old mountain lion... Read More