Patrick Symmes

The Real Rebels of Timbuktu

Tuareg nomads have stormed out of the desert again, threatening a return to culture war in the Sahara’s legendary lost city. Patrick Symmes on the rebel alliance, and the fire next time.

A Wild Country Grows in South Sudan

The new country of South Sudan is blessed with oil, water, and a safari bonanza: one of the largest, most stunning animal migrations on earth. But without roads, laws, or infrastructure, can Africa’s...

The Beautiful Game

Argentina's soccer fans may be the sports' most impassioned. So much so that the rowdiest among them have formed gangs that intimidate players and coaches, control stadium concessions, and murder...

How to Fix a Motorcycle (With Your Teeth)

Pop! That's the sound of trouble on two wheels. If your clutch cable snaps, you can find yourself stranded a long way from home, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who Pinched My Ride?

When thieves stoles his beloved commuter bike on a busy street in broad daylight, Patrick Symmes snapped—and set out on a cross-country plunge into the heart of America's bike-crime underbelly. What...

Sand Storm

With demonstrations sweeping Yemen, Patrick Symmes landed in the country for a long-planned excursion. The tourists were there, all right, but so were the riot police and pistol-flashing National...

Meet The Neighbors

What doesn't South America offer in the way of big adventure? Here are the 10 best ways to drop in on our amigos down south.

Cuba Libre

Why hordes of Yankee travelers are exactly what the island needs.

Off the Deep End

By the time George W. Bush created the Marianas Trench Marine National monument, he had shocked his detractors and quadrupled the size of the planet's fully protected waters. But if a preserve is...

Sailing from Haiti to Miami

When you're crossing to Florida the hard way–across 800 miles of water, with six people and no motor, in a 21-foot handmade open boat–it's a long, long way from Haiti to Miami.

Hugo's World

It's year ten of the REVOLUTION. Venezuela's oil riches are vanishing, and el presidente's "Yankee devil" rhetoric has created the world's most hostile environment for Homo...

The Cabin of My Dreams

Ever fantasized about building a restful escape, with your bare hands, in some untrammeled back of beyond—and it all coming together just as you'd planned? Moron.

The Generals in Their Labyrinth

Before the rains, before the winds, before the tens of thousands of missing and dead, PATRICK SYMMES sneaked into Burma's secret capital, where the military rules from a sun-baked plain, guided...

Red Is the New Green

Cuba has the Caribbean's largest wetlands and earth's happiest lobsters, but is Fortress Fidel really an environmental paradise? PATRICK SYMMES heads south and finds that bold policies...