Paul Scott

The Shape of Your Life

Get ready to maximize the endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, and power you never knew you had. We call it the Shape of Your Life—and five months from now, we expect you to be in it.

The Shape of Your Life: Month Three

In the third installment of Outside's five-part series on the Shape of Your Life, learn how to become a mindful, well-rounded athlete through improved flexibility.

Lung Power

Controlled, rhythmic breathing benefits your life beyond sports

Strike a Pose

Power yoga poses for weeks nine through 12 of The Shape of Your Life

Home Stretch

Weeks nine through 12 of The Shape of Your Life focus on flexibility.

Plug Yourself In

In month four of The Shape of Your Life, add three Olympic-style lifts to your ongoing Tuesday and Thursday strength routine.

The Shape of Your Life: Month Five

The final installment of our five-month fitness plan fine-tunes your balance and agility. But that doesn't mean your work is done. After all, you've got a lifetime of adventure ahead of you.

Permanent Fitness

Month five will be your hardest yet; you'll max out in week three, slow things down in week four, and then peak for your fitness goal.

The Agile File

Fine-tune your balance and agility with these exercises for weeks 17 through 20 of The Shape of Your Life.

The Guidance Council

We asked four top fitness coaches for their tape-it-to-the-fridge-door advice. Here's what they told us.

Be Your Own Boss

THE SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE IS NOT PERFECT. We'd like to think otherwise, but now's the time to admit that no single strategy can work perfectly for every person, every time. Nor should it. To keep this...

The Body Shop

Declare your independence from stale health clubs with these eight essential pieces of workout equipment.