Reid Singer

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Reid Singer is a freelance writer based out of New York City.

Beloved Moab Structure Topples

Officials in Moab, Utah, have confirmed that the Cobra, an iconic sandstone formation 10 miles east of Arches National Park, fell from its perch following an intense isolated thunderstorm last... Read More

Big Win Looms for Anti-Whaling Activists

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that the Sea Shepherd crew was accused of causing fires on the Nisshin Maru. At the time of the fire, New Zealand authorities cleared... Read More

Buy an Everest Summit with Bitcoin

Collecting armadillos. Do-it-yourself bullfighting. Riding a jetpack while drunk. Some activities are bound to attract a small group of dedicated, often wealthy people who welcome risk and whose... Read More

Watch: Car Door Jams Australian Cyclist

Riding to work on Monday morning, a cyclist going by the name of CD attempted to pass a line of cars rolling slowly down Collins Street, a busy thoroughfare in central Melbourne. For a while, CD... Read More

Guerillas on Two Wheels

Frustrated with complacent city officials, some bicyclists are painting their own lanes, installing signs, and making mischief intended to send a loud message to motorists: it's time to cycling...