Rowan Jacobsen

The Top-Secret Food That Will Change the Way You Eat

More protein than beef. More omegas than salmon. Tons of calcium, antioxidants, and vitamin B. In their secret R&D lab, the scientists at Beyond Meat concocted a plant-protein-based performance...

The Day We Set the Colorado River Free

It's been more than 50 years since the Colorado River regularly reached the sea. But this spring, the U.S. and Mexico let the water storm through its natural delta for a grand experiment in...

The Invasivore's Dilemma

An innovative sushi chef named Bun Lai has a new strategy in the war on invasive species: If you can’t beat ’em, plate ’em. Feral hog sashimi, anyone?


After years of sounding the climate-change alarm, writer Bill McKibben realized that gentle persuasion wasn’t cutting it. So he got mad. Then he got busy: tweeting, organizing, protesting, getting...

The Gumbo Chronicles

Just months after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, British Petroleum declared the recovery a success, and the Gulf of Mexico’s fisheries were opened for business. To celebrate, seafood freak ROWAN...

King of Crabs

New Orleans chef John Besh dishes up the ultimate seafood-gumbo recipe

Seafood Gumbo

New Orleans chef John Besh dishes up the ultimate seafood-gumbo recipe

Creole Spices

New Orleans chef John Besh dishes up the ultimate creole spices recipe for seafood gumbo

Shellfish Stock

New Orleans chef John Besh dishes up the ultimate shellfish stock recipe for seafood gumbo

Burma's Dark Side

News reports of liberalization in Burma have largely ignored a humanitarian crisis in the northern region of Kachin, where the Burmese army has waged war against ethnic Kachin civilians.

Number One With a Bullet

Kaziranga National Park in India boasts two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinos and its highest density of Bengal tigers—both among the region’s most heavily poached species. The secret to the...

Swamp Things

Weekend Escapes for less than $500: Paddling Mississippi's Pascagoula River

The Spill Seekers

Rowan Jacobsen sails into the despoiled Gulf of Mexico to find out what the feds aren't telling us.

Heart of Dark Chocolate

One German's quest to unearth the centuries-long mystery of the finest cacao on earth.