Ryan O'Hanlon

Beavers Save Salt Lake City Water

Salt Lake City, thank your local beavers. Were it not for them, you might be drinking/watering/irrigating with diesel fuel this morning. A beaver dam helped stop a Chevron pipeline's 8,000-gallon... Read More

Men Charged in Cycling Tourist Rape in India

Authorities have arrested six men in connection to the rape of a Swiss woman who was on a cycling tour with her husband in Madhya Pradesh, India. The men are believed to all be between 20 and 25... Read More

Dead Fish Fill 2016 Olympic Rowing Lake

The Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, due to host the rowing events of the 2016 Summer Olympics, was filled with dead fish earlier this week. To be exact: it was filled with 86 tons of dead fish. The... Read More

Ryan Hall Withdraws From Boston Marathon

The 2013 Boston Marathon will take place without Ryan Hall, who holds Boston’s American record (2:04.58 in 2011). He has dropped out of this year’s race with a quad injury. "I am... Read More

Vonn Wins Downhill Title Due to Fog

Lindsey Vonn won her sixth straight World Cup downhill title earlier today. But—How? you ask. Vonn suffered a season-ending knee injury five weeks ago and hasn’t raced since. Heading... Read More

Wrigley To Release Caffeinated Gum

Let’s be honest, drinking liquid is pretty difficult. Enter: Wrigley’s new “Alert” gum, a chewable pellet containing 40 milligrams of caffeine that will be released next... Read More

French Cyclist Jalabert Struck by Car

Retired French cyclist Laurent Jalabert was seriously injured this morning after being struck by a car while on his bike. Jalabert, winner of the 1995 Tour of Spain and the 1997 world time trial... Read More

BP Gives Up on Solar Energy

According to CEO Bob Dudley, BP—a.k.a. the company with the tagline "Beyond Petroleum"—is getting out of the solar-power business. As Susie Cagle wrote over at Grist, this is the same... Read More

Intern Killed by Lion in California

Dianna Hanson, a 24-year-old intern at a Fresno, California, wild cat sanctuary, was killed Wednesday after being attacked by a lion. Hanson, who moved from Washington to California to work at the... Read More

U.S. Fails to Ban Polar Bear Trade (Update)

The U.S. and Russia are uniting against Canada in an effort to win a hockey gold med—er, no. They’re uniting to try to ban the international commercial trade of polar bear products.... Read More

Gaza Marathon Canceled After Women Banned

A good way to get your marathon canceled is to ban women from running, Hamas learned earlier today. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency canceled the Gaza marathon after Hamas rulers barred... Read More

Study: Vibrams Carry Bone Injury Risk

Want to start barefoot running? If so, according to a forthcoming study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, you probably want to ease your way into it. Over 10 weeks, a group of... Read More