Scott Douglas

Author's Bio

Scott Douglas is a senior editor for Running Times and author of The Little Red Book of Running.

The Minimalist Starter Kit

You've decided to cast off the shackles of traditional, foam-laden shoes. But you can't just strap a piece of leather to the bottom of your foot and hit the road. Here's how to make the transition

Making the Switch to Minimalist Running

Minimalist shoes making running a different experience, but they're not a magic bullet. Consider these five factors before trying them out.

Natural Base

The best merino wool gear for winter running.

Icebreaker Sprint Legging

Icebreaker's merino wool Sprint Leggings could be the world's most versatile running pants.

Ibex Zepher Sport

The Ibex Zepher Sport top is odor free and feels soft next to your skin on winter runs.