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Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Outside's Online Editor.

Plans for Nicaragua Canal Progress

A plan to build an alternative to the Panama Canal took a step forward Wednesday after Nicaragua officially announced the start of the $40 billion project. The president of the country's national... Read More

Man Found in Sequoia and Kings Canyon

A California man whose vehicle tumbled down a steep mountainside in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks was found alive five days later. Family members of the 63-year-old man reported him... Read More

Strava Wins Lawsuit

A California judge has ruled in favor of the social fitness website Strava in the death of a cyclist who was killed while riding in Berkeley, California, in 2010. William Flint's family sued the... Read More

Study: Sunscreen Prevents Aging

Slathering up with sunscreen can help you look younger. In a study published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers in Australia found that people who regularly apply sunscreen are... Read More

Africanized Bees Kill Texas Man

A man from Texas was killed and a woman injured by an agitated hive of Africanized bees Saturday. Larry Goodwin was driving a tractor on his family's land when he hit a pile of wood, disturbing the... Read More

Veteran Storm Chaser Killed

Veteran storm chaser Tim Samaras along with his 23-year-old son Paul and longtime chase partner and friend Carl Young were caught and killed by a large tornado that tore through El Reno, Oklahoma,... Read More

California Wildfire Explodes in Size

A fire threatening foothill communities of Los Angeles, California, exploded in size overnight, fanning out to nearly 41 square miles and triggering the evacuation of nearly 1,000 homes. Five... Read More

Midwest Pummeled by Thunderstorms

Emergency officials are assessing the damage caused by another burst of thunderstorms and tornadoes that took at least five lives and injured 75 people across the Midwest Friday. Bearing down on... Read More

Russian Cat Theater Reopens

A Russian circus family reopened Moscow's famed cat theater. In a typical show, cats will skateboard around stage and may even be found balancing on spinning plates. Founded just before the... Read More

Ants Ring Doorbell

A nest of ants was found terrorizing a 75-year-old woman in the German town of Offenburg, repeatedly ringing her doorbell throughout the evening. The woman called police at 3 a.m. to report the... Read More

Twin Cities is the Fittest, Healthiest City

For the third year running, the Twin Cities—Minneapolis-St.Paul—were rated as the healthiest, fittest cities in the U.S. by the American College of Sports Medicine. At the bottom of the... Read More