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Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Outside's Online Editor.

Nike Cuts Ties with Livestrong

Nike announced Tuesday that it is cutting its ties with Lance Armstrong's Livestrong foundation, ending a nine-year relationship and its renewed commitment to back the charity last October. Nike... Read More

Couple Plans Dolphin-Assisted Birth

A North Carolina couple has traveled to Hawaii to complete a dolphin assisted-birth of their baby, Bodhi, due in July. Despite the lack of science supporting the unusual birthing method, Adam and... Read More

Thousands Join Protest of Monsanto

Protestors rallied in 436 cities across 522 countries Saturday in opposition to seed giant Monsanto and the genetically modified food it produces. The "March Against Monsanto" movement began... Read More

Billionaires Back $60 Million Bison Park

A plan to assemble as much as 3.5 million acres of private and public land—about a million acres larger than Yellowstone National Park—for a free-roaming bison reservation has some... Read More

Chilean Mine Fined $16 Million

Chilean authorities have fined the world's largest gold minion company $16 million for environmental offenses and suspended operations at an $8.5 billion mining project on the border with... Read More

Cyclist Danilo Di Luca Busted for Doping

Italian cyclist Danilo Di Luca, who is currently racing at the Giro d'Italia, has been suspended and fired by his team after testing positive for EPO in an out-of-competition test administered... Read More

Shoes Leave Large Carbon Footprint

Trying to go green? Ditch your gym shoes for a pair of flip-flops. A pair of schmancy synthetic running shoes generates around 30lbs of carbon dioxide, according to a new study from MIT. That's... Read More