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Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Outside's Online Editor.

Driver Hits Cyclists, Tweets About It

The internet is in a (predictable) lather after a British woman tweeted about hitting a cyclist with her car. The rider survived, but the incident points to the dangers of cycling on British... Read More

First Live Video Call From Everest

A British climber who conducted the first live video interview from the summit of Mount Everest has incurred the wrath of Nepalese authorities who say the call was made without their permission. A... Read More

Bear Grylls Announces Partnership with ZOZI

Survivalist Bear Grylls announced a partnership with ZOZI, an adventure travel company, to become the brand's lead spokesperson. Grylls will be leading a team of celebrity experts to help with... Read More

Climber Dies on El Capitan

Rockfall killed one climber on Yosemite National Park's El Capitan on Sunday. Mason Robison of Montana pulled loose some rock, severing his rope and causing him to fall 230 feet. My Mother Lode... Read More

Chinese Climber Dies on Lhotse

A Chinese climber, Xiaoshi Li, died while attempting to summit Lhotse, the world's fourth-highest mountain, on Monday. "Li died due to sickness on his way to Lhotse peak," Nivesh Karki of the... Read More

Michael Phelps Planning a Comeback?

Michael Phelps is pushing back against a report that he'll return to competitive swimming in time for the 2016 Rio Olympics. An NBC affiliate in Fort Myers, Florida, reported Friday that Phelps was... Read More

STUDY: Drought to Impact Major Cities

Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and San Diego may be facing severe water shortages as climate change increase drought potential, a newly released study finds. The Columbia University... Read More

Woman Clubs Bear With Shotgun

A Wisconsin woman beat back an attacking black bear with a shotgun, saving her husband and dog Wednesday. The encounter began when Gerre Ninnemann spotted a bear chasing after his dog and went... Read More

Wiggins Withdraws from Giro

The Giro d'Italia lost two top contenders on Friday when reigning Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins and defending Giro winner Ryder Hesjedal both withdrew from the Italian stage... Read More

Lost White City Rediscovered

Researchers claim to have discovered the lost city of la Ciudad Blanca, described by Hernan Cortez to King Charvles V. In their reports, Cortez and others described a fabled city filled with riches... Read More

Alex Bolotov Dies on Everest

Russian climber Alexey Bolotov died early Wednesday morning in the Khumbu Icefall. His body was found at the head of the Khumbu Glacier, though details surrounding his death have been slow to... Read More