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Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Outside's Online Editor.

Woman Dies While Making Channel Swim

A British woman who was trying to swim the English Channel to raise money for charity died Sunday after collapsing on the French coast. Susan Taylor was swimming to raise money for a hospice and... Read More

Tyson Gay Tests Positive

American 100-meter record-holder Tyson Gay tested positive for an unnamed banned substance and will pull out of the world championship and expected showdown with Usain Bolt next month in Moscow.... Read More

Man Swims for 5 Hours to Save Family

A man swam for five hours off of the Maryland coast to reach help for his family after their boat capsized in a storm Tuesday night. After climbing ashore, John Franklin Riggs found a phone and... Read More

TV Network for Dogs Launching

After four years of development and a trial roll-out in San Diego last year, the first TV network aimed at dogs will launch nationwide on DirecTV in August. The network, designed for pups of all... Read More

Nevada Blazes Continue to Grow

Two large wildfires escaped containment Monday and continue to rage in Nevada near Las Vegas and Reno. Over 750 firefighters and 18 Hotshot crews are currently battling the Las Vegas fire, 25 miles... Read More

Rare Night Parrot Spotted

An Australian naturalist claims to have captured video footage of the elusive night parrot, a bird that hasn't been found alive for more than a century. John Yong, a self-described wildlife... Read More

Tigers In Indonesia Tree Six, Kill One

A group of police and park officials rescued five men that had been treed by six tigers for five days in Indonesia's Mount Leuser National Park. The group was helped from the branches, where they... Read More

Text Received from Lost Ship

A missing American schooner with seven people aboard sent an undelivered text message a month ago. Authorities released the message after seeking it from the satellite phone company Iridium and the... Read More