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Stephen Wanye Kasica (@ByStevesy) is an online editorial assistant at Outside. Previously, he was a freelance writer and new media designer contributing to the New York Times, Boulder Weekly, and 5280 magazine.

The Top 10 Towns for High-Altitude Running

Want to breathe with unconstrained lungs, cruise over hills as if they were pesky speed bumps, and shave down your PR? Then you'll need to spend some time huffing and puffing in thin mountain air.

4.8 Earthquake Hits Yellowstone

No human knew about the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the northern part of Yellowstone National Park on Sunday until it happened at 6:34 a.m., but some on Twitter and YouTube say that a group... Read More

World's Biggest Tree Hug

Validating every stereotype you've learned from Portlandia, Guinness World Records confirmed Tuesday that the Oregon city officially holds the world record for the largest tree hug. For one full... Read More

Active Moms Equal Active Kids

Mothers might not feel like they have any extra seconds in the day to exercise, but a new study finds that being a more active mom will make your young children more active too. A study from the... Read More

Killing for Conservation

The Copenhagen zoo that made international headlines in February for publicly killing and dissecting a healthy giraffe is under another barrage of criticism for killing four of its lions. As the... Read More

Putin Launches Fitness For Russians

Reuters reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin will relaunch a Soviet-era national fitness program with surplus funds originally earmarked for the $50 billion Sochi Olympics and... Read More

Shark-Feeding Video Leads to Charges

Just because you aren't in a zoo doesn't mean you can feed the animals. Four men from two Florida dive companies are facing charges linked with illegally feeding sharks and fish. Working jointly... Read More

Bungee Jumping into the Record Books

For most, bungee jumping is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but for Colin Phillips the extreme sport was a 151-times-in-a-day attempt at a Guinness World Record. On Friday, the fitness coach and... Read More

To Kill a Black Bird

Although ravens are protected by federal law, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently granted Idaho a permit to "conduct lethal control actions" on 4,000 ravens in the southern part of the... Read More

Is it OK if I Pee in the Pool?

Ryan Lochte said he "always" pees in the pool, and Michael Phelps said "Chlorine kills it so it's not bad." So restrooms in swimming pools are redundant, right?

London Ultrarunner Will Carry Fridge

If you think running a marathon is hard, imagine running a marathon four times in a row carrying a 92.5-pound fridge strapped to your back. That's the plan for serial fridge-runner Tony "The... Read More

3 Bison Poached in Yellowstone

The hunt is on for whoever shot and killed three bison inside Yellowstone National Park last week. The bison, also colloquially called buffalo, were found dead on the roadside in the Blacktail... Read More

Runners Still Injured in Cushy Shoes

Whether you run in soft, cushy shoes that feel like pillows tied to your feet or shoes with a harder, stiffer midsole, you're still at the same risk of injury, according to a new study published in... Read More

Rare Albino Redwood to Be Cut Down

There are only 10 albino redwoods in the world, and one of them is in danger of being cut down to make room for a commuter rail system. As Reuters reports, a 52-foot albino chimera coast redwood... Read More