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GoPro to Start Selling Drones

GoPro will start selling consumer drones “late next year,” according to anonymous sources cited in the Wall Street Journal. The UAVs from the action camera maker will reportedly be... Read More

SeaWorld Rescuers Threatened by Hecklers

A SeaWorld animal rescue team was threatened by onlookers while attempting to retrieve a stranded sea lion earlier this week. KTLA reports that on a trip to the end of Santa Cruz Avenue in Ocean... Read More

BLM Reverses Decision on Idaho Wolf Hunt

Under pressure from lawsuits filed by wildlife and conservation groups, the Bureau of Land Management has pulled its permit to Idaho for Wildlife to hold wolf and coyote hunts on public lands. In... Read More

Bear Attack Victim Had Been Taking Photos

Darsh Patel, the 22-year-old Rutgers student who was mauled to death by a black bear in New Jersey in September, was taking photos of the bear with his cell phone just before the attack, according... Read More

FDA Rules Require Calorie Counts on Menus

Pretty soon, everything from chain restaurants and supermarkets to movie theaters and vending machines will tell you exactly how many calories you’re consuming when you eat their food. The... Read More

Major Teams Unite to Reform Cycling Industry

Eleven premiere cycling teams have combined to create Velon, a joint venture aiming to spur a sport-wide commercial makeover, VeloNews reports. Velon’s foremost initiatives include enhancing... Read More

Idea We Love: The App to Quiet All Apps

A student team won $30,000 to develop an app that will encourage users to stop toying with their phones, according to the Straits Times of Singapore. When two or more people who have downloaded... Read More

Moab Bans E-Bikes on Mountain Bike Trails

Moab has drawn the line when it comes to e-bike access to trails. Last week, the area’s field office of the Bureau of Land Management banned electric-powered bicycles from dedicated mountain... Read More

Soon: Hotels on

According to Skift, a travel industry news site, Amazon will start proffering nights in hotel rooms alongside books and gadgets as soon as January 1, 2015. Would it be any different than... Read More

Tony Martin Eyes Hour Record

Three-time world champion time trial cyclist Tony Martin is considering a run at the hour record. According to VeloNews, Martin told the German magazine Radsport that an attempt would require a... Read More

Fitbit Data to Be Submitted as Court Evidence

In a never-before-seen legal maneuver, a personal trainer in Canada will attempt to use data from her Fitbit activity tracker as evidence for a personal injury claim, reports Forbes. She hopes to... Read More