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McConaughey to Star in 'Born to Run' Film

Matthew McConaughey will play the character Caballo Blanco in the upcoming film Born to Run, one of the film’s producers confirmed to Runner’s World on Wednesday. The movie is an... Read More

Mapquest Ranks Each U.S. Interstate

Online directions database Mapquest has ranked all 66 interstates in the lower 48 states from best to worst. Topping the list is the behemoth I-90, which takes drivers from Boston to Seattle,... Read More

Wolf Population Rebounds in Oregon

Oregon state officials said Wednesday that the once-eradicated gray wolf is rebounding in the state, according to Reuters. Having been driven out of the state in the early 20th century, wolves... Read More

Thomas Dekker Misses Hour Record

Dutch cyclist Thomas Dekker attempted on Wednesday to break the record for farthest distance covered in one hour, falling short of the current record of 52.491 km (32.616 miles) with a final... Read More

Oiselle to Open First Store in Seattle

Women’s apparel startup Oiselle announced that it will open a flagship store in Seattle by early summer. Oiselle, which is headquartered in Seattle, will open its doors in University... Read More

Edmonton Mulls Ice Skate Commuter Track

The Canadian city of Edmonton is considering installing a nearly seven-mile public ice path for commuters, according to the BBC. Called the Freezeway, the path would allow ice-skating in winter... Read More

Obama Vetoes Keystone Proposal

President Obama on Tuesday vetoed Congress’ approval of the contested Keystone XL pipeline, the 1,179-mile pipeline that would pump oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. After... Read More

Gallup Releases List of Happiest States

A new Gallup survey of 176,000 people in 50 states has found that Alaskans are happiest, and people in Western states are generally happier than those in the South and Rust Belt. Gallup and... Read More

Aspen Avalanche Kills Skier

A skier was killed Monday by an avalanche in the Aspen backcountry, the Aspen Times reports. The victim’s name will not be released until the next of kin has been notified. Another skier... Read More

Schoolboy Survives Epic Selfie Fall

A 14-year-old British boy survived a 1,640-foot fall while taking a selfie in the Austrian Alps, the Telegraph reports. He was not seriously injured. The incident happened last week on Mount... Read More