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Montana Man Fined for Shooting 3 Grizzlies

A Montana man has been ordered to pay $30,000 in restitution for shooting three grizzly bears, according to a January announcement from the Department of Justice. Everett Skunkcap, of Browning,... Read More

'Fair Chase' to Debut at Film Festival

Writer Charles Bethea has spent the past few years examining whether a human being can hunt pronghorn antelope by chasing down the animals on foot. On Thursday, at the Santa Barbara International... Read More

Olympic Sailors Face Polluted Bay in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s new state environmental secretary, Andre Correa, told the Guardian on Wednesday that city officials will not uphold their pledge to clean the highly polluted waters in which... Read More

Campaign to Free Orca Gains Momentum

Demonstrators have been rallying to free a killer whale named Lolita for more than a year now. This month, activists launched a campaign to add Lolita to a list of endangered whales off the... Read More

Law May Nullify National Park Trademarks

Attempts by concessionaires to trademark several iconic National Park property names could be stymied by a section of the U.S. Code. The issue was called into question this week when news emerged... Read More

Antigravity Espresso Cup Released

After a year of work, Portland State researchers have developed a cup that will allow astronauts to successfully sip espresso (and other warm, frothy drinks) in low-gravity environments, according... Read More

Lance: "I Would Probably Do It Again"

Lance Armstrong told the BBC in an interview that he would probably dope again if faced with the same choices when he started cycling professionally in the mid-1990s. He added that since the sport... Read More

Bee Attack Kills Climbers in Brazil

Last Saturday afternoon, a swarm of bees surprised a group of climbers who were rappelling down a 427-foot waterfall in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grand do Sul. The attack, which occurred... Read More

Lindsey Vonn Skis to 64th World Cup Victory

Lindsey Vonn’s comeback season shows no signs of slowing: The pro skier captured her 64th world cup victory in the super-G at St. Moritz on Sunday, breaking her own recently-set record for... Read More

Tour of California Releases 2015 Lineup

Tour of California organizers released the lineup for the 10th annual race, scheduled to launch May 10, on Friday. It is America’s largest and most prestigious stage cycling race. The... Read More