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Live Chat: Everest's Deadliest Season

Join Grayson Schaffer tonight at 5 p.m. for an hour-long discussion about the future of Everest after the mountain’s horrific year.

The Radical New Guard of Fitness

They want to rethink the way we workout, build our gyms, fuel, and collect data. And they're coming for you next.

The Yeti (Cooler) You Didn't See Coming

Fishing guides and festival goers take note: High-end cooler maker Yeti just revealed their first soft-sided cooler, the 6.5-gallon Hopper that’s sealed with a waterproof drysuit zipper.

Our Favorite Made-in-the-USA Gear

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we wanted to take a minute to celebrate some of our favorite made-here-at-home gear. 

Voters' Choice: The 4 Best Towns in America

After 20 days and more than one million votes since the start of our 2014 Best Towns Tournament, we're finally down to the final four. With less than two weeks left, we take a minute to weigh in on...

The Best May Videos

Outside's Top 10 Videos in May. Cycling's most provocative star, a bomber core workout, and a peruvian MTB adventure. Just some of the videos you can't miss from May.

Did George Hincapie Save Cycling?

In his new memoir, George Hincapie delves into his past, examining his relationship with Lance Armstrong and his own choice to take performance-enhancing drugs. In an extended interview, he explains...

Matthew Power, 1974-2014

Yesterday we learned that Outside contributor Matthew Power, 39, died while reporting a story for Men's Journal in Uganda. He'd been on a weeklong trip, accompanying the British adventurer Levison... Read More

A Guide to Sex in the Outdoors

Ever since Adam and Eve, men and women have performed the most natural of acts al fresco. It’s fun! It’s surprising! When you’re camping there’s not much else to do after dinner!

Dinner Timing

How to time your meals and what to eat when

The Best Outside Stories of 2013

From the shark that choked on a moose to an investigation into Tough Mudder's first death, Outside looks back at the stories that defined the year.

How to Stitch a Wound

A few tips from Dr. Luanne Freer, founder of the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic.