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Danny MacAskill Drops New Video

Scottish rider Danny MacAskill is known for performing jaw-dropping street trials riding in picturesque locations. Whether it’s in a deserted Argentinian village, a childhood dreamscape, or a... Read More

Rio 2016 Threatened by Super-Bacteria

Researchers say Flamengo Beach, adjacent to the marina where sailing and windsurfing events will take place during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is swimming with drug-resistant... Read More

Everest Is Getting Even More Expensive

Blogger Alan Arnette has released an annual report on the cost of summiting Everest, showing that permit prices, life insurance premiums, and other factors have pushed up the price of the adventure... Read More

Laird Hamilton Launches Obstacle Racing Series

Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton announced on Monday that he will launch his own obstacle course race series next year. Called Force of Nature, the series is composed of six events, each featuring 20... Read More

Starbucks Is Going Artisanal

The Starbucks Coffee Company announced the opening of its first Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle on Monday, according to a press release on the... Read More

IOC Threatens to Cut Track and Field Events

Big news from the International Olympic Committee: Five Olympic track and field events are in danger of being cut from the competition, and the number-one event at risk is the 10,000-meter foot... Read More

Defense Bill Expands National Park System

The largest expansion of the National Parks System in almost 40 years was approved by the Senate on Friday as part of a bill that provided military funding for 2015, CNN reports. The House approved... Read More

Endurance Training Changes Your DNA

Regular exercise has long been recognized as a way to improve overall health and longevity, but a breakthrough study has us one step closer to learning exactly how. A Swedish research team has... Read More