Tim Sohn

Swim. Bike. Run. Shoot. Kill.

Overrun with linebacker types who can't hack the training, recruiters for the Navy SEALs are targeting X Gamers and endurance athletes. Because who wouldn't want Lance Armstrong on the front...

Taking On the World

Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary aims to shock us into saving the planet. Will viewers show up?

Help Yourself

Today's experts pick up where Thoreau left off, advocating easy first steps to simplifying your life.

Thoreau Knows

We like to go back to Transcendentalist guru Henry David Thoreau, whose bible of minimalism, Walden, exhorted his countrymen to "simplify, simplify."

Mystery Writer

A lost legend—was it suicide or murder?

No "X" Marks the Spot

If the Lost Dutchman mine piqued your interest, here's more treasure waiting to be discovered


Did Alaska's frigid waters take another life?

Eaten Alive?

A baby goes missing in the Oz outback

Swallowed Up

A fateful trek into the Hawaiian jungle