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Lance Armstrong Says He Will Not Be Distracted in Video Message

On Tuesday, Lance Armstrong sent out a tweet inviting anyone to join him for a Wednesday morning run in Montreal. "Hey Montreal - anyone want to run tomorrow? Meet me at the Monument to Sir George - Etiene Cartier. 6pm! 7.5km loop." Hundreds joined Armstrong and offered support. According to Livestrong, that support hasn't been limited to Montreal. Earlier this week, the organization said donations increased after Armstrong decided not to pursue arbitration with the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Armstrong was in Montreal to speak at the UICC World Cancer Congress. In that speech, posted above, he tells the story of being diagnosed with cancer. (Livestrong announced this week that it would commit $500,000 to a joint initiative with the UICC.) He does not directly mention his decision not to pursue arbitration, but instead says he will not be distracted in his fight against cancer. After his address, he put together a short YouTube video reiterating his desire not to be distracted and to move forward.

The distraction he is alluding to is the possible release of evidence and press coverage resulting from the USADA's charge that he doped. Even though Armstrong chose not to fight the USADA, saying "enough is enough," evidence may still become public. As Joe Lindsey of Bicycling pointed out, Johan Bruyneel's choice to go to arbitration with the USADA could mean evidence against Armstrong could be revealed. If the UCI chooses to fight the USADA's ruling to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles, evidence could be heard in the Court for the Arbitration of Sport. Armstrong's past sponsors could file civil suits against him. Aside from all of that, Tyler Hamilton's book, written with Daniel Coyle, will hit stores on September 5. So there may be plenty more information and press for Armstrong to try and ignore. As Ross Tucker of Science of Sport wrote in a post earlier this week, the information about charges of Armstrong's doping history will not disappear after his decision not to fight. "I'm sure the mountain of testimonies will only grow," he said.

Tell us what you think of Armstrong's decision not to address charges of doping in the comments section.

—Joe Spring

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