Bear! Spray Don't Shoot!

Camping in Yellowstone? Rangers ask that you fend off grizzly bears (should you ever see one) with chili spray instead of firearms, according to the

Gray Whale Wanders to Atlantic Ocean

A gray whale has been spotted in the Atlantic ocean--a location where gray whales have been extinct for over 200 years, according to

Share The Road? Some Disagree.

Bike commuters are no longer an anomaly, and their right to the road is becoming a hot topic, as reported by

Green Trend Hits Fitness Centers

Can't get outside but want to break a sweat? Fitness centers nationwide are finally jumping on the green bandwagon, as reported by

BP Will Pay Claims on Oil Spill

If you didn't know there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, you haven't been paying attention. But what you might not know is that someone is ready to take responsibility--at least...

MountainFilm Selections Announced!

  MountainFilm PreviewAs you may have heard, we're partnering with MountainFilm at Telluride this year. Here's a sneak peak at 12 of the 75 films that...