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Skiing and Snowboarding : Jan 2012

Getting in Everest Shape

DSC_2382With the heavy eating of Christmas behind us and New Year’s resolutions in the making, I thought it might be a good time to talk about training for mountain climbing! With only about 90 days until teams start leaving for Everest 2012, it is too late to start training but for the rest of us it is never too late!

When I was training for Everest, I was told “Alan, you better be in the best shape of your life!” Well they almost got it right, actually I needed to not only be in the best shape of MY life, I needed to be in Everest Shape. With the clear disclaimer that I am not a doctor and everyone should visit their own Doc before entering any kind of Everest training program, let’s me provide some thoughts from my experiences.

My personal experiences with Everest have been difficult. I experienced a lung infection that stopped one climb, my body simply refused to acclimatize above 23,000’ on another, and I gave up mentally on my third. The vast majority of Everest climbers have full time jobs, full time families and cannot spend many hours everyday for a year to get in professional shape; so it becomes critical to make every workout count without hurting yourself. For my forth attempt and successful summit on Everest, my training mantra became: When you think you have given it your all, you have just started if you want to summit Everest.

If you ask 100 Everest climbers you might get 101 different answers on the best way to train and I don’t think there is one ‘perfect’ approach. Some climbers will say cycling for 5 to 8 hours in the middle of the night is best, others will prefer swimming and then some say weight training will get you there. And age does play a role.

But the common thread to all training is pushing yourself without injury and building mental discipline. There is no doubt that an Everest climb requires mental and physical endurance like few other sports. I consistently observe that competitive marathoners, tri-athletes and cyclists do well. However, all agree that training the mind is equally important as training the body.

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In Case You Missed It: Around the World in One Minute

Eat, Move Learn

Who wants to shoot STA Australia's next web campaign? This past year, the travel company sent three guys on a 44-day round-the-world trip and then turned their journey into a series of three emotive 60-second videos. Director Rick Mereki shot the Eat, Move, Learn videos while traveling in 11 countries before publishing them this past August. He and his two friends used two cameras, gathered roughly a terabyte of footage, and saw an erupting volcano.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

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Conversation Openers

Afraid to open a bottle with your teeth or the flesh of your forearm? You can still impress your friends by using the outdoor gear/bottle openers below. We definitely don't recommend using the sandles on a first date if you've worn them around town.


Opena iPhone 4 Case: This iPhone 4 hardcase protects your phone and makes you the life of the office party. The stainless steel bottle opener slides out on command. And, the case fits all iPhone 4s. Available now, $40,

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Ask The Experts: Triathlon Training

MattDixonYou’ve got questions? Your new triathlon-training coach, Matt Dixon, has the answers. Throughout the course of the next few months, as you prepare for your triathlon through The Outside Challenge, Dixon will answer a wide range of questions from us, offering smart tips on everything from quicker transition times to race-day nutrition. Even better: Dixon will answer your personal questions, too. Submit your questions at Here, Dixon starts off with the basics: Which Outside Challenge training plan is right for me?
Outside: How do readers decide which plan is best for them?
Dixon: The First-Timer plan is for people who either haven’t done a triathlon before or who are new to the sport and don’t have an athletic background. The Competitor plan is for somebody who has raced a few tris before or who comes from an endurance background and who wants to improve. The Busy Man plan is for people who are very restricted in time, and can only work out three to four times per week. It’s designed to maximize the efficiency of the limited training time you do have.
Why sign up to race in a triathlon in the first place? 
Race day is a celebration of all of the hard work you put in to get there. Following these plans is a rich experience, because you’ll arrive on race day feeling confident. The race is the reward of following the journey.
What should we expect on race day?
If you follow your plan, as well as the education that supports it, you’ll arrive at the race physically and emotionally prepared. The goal is to be physically capable of completing the distance and psychologically empowered to have a positive experience—even with an occasional curveball.

When can we start bragging?
I wouldn’t start bragging yet, but make your goal public. Start telling everybody you’re doing the race because there’s nothing like a little accountability and support to help motivate you.

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A Bike Computer that Knows Your Goals


Velocomp, creator of the iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer, has just announced the first “smart” cycling computeriBike POWERHOUSE.

iBike POWERHOUSE works with your iPhone or iPod touch to help you reach specific fitness goals in the least amount of time possible. The computer comes with one exercise goal/program, iSlim. Other programs—Weekend Warrior, Zero to 50 Miles in 3 Weeks, Kid Fit, Healthy Heart, and Brazilian Butt—can be purchased separately for $9.99.

Let's just say for fun you bought Brazilian Butt, here's how the company says the computer will help you firm your posterior. 

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