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Skiing and Snowboarding : Celebrities

Archetypes: Mountaineer Ed Viesturs

CV: Started climbing at age 16 after reading Maurice Herzog’s Annapurna. Moved to Seattle for college in 1977; soon started guiding on Mount Rainier. Finished veterinarian school at Washington State University in 1987. Completed first of seven Everest summits in 1990. Quit practicing as a vet that same year. Became the first American to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen in May 2005.

212: Successful Rainier summits.

Up Next: His new book, The Mountain: My Time on Everest, cowritten with David Roberts, is out this month. He continues to trail run five days a week, bikes frequently, climbs Rainier twice a summer, and works as a design consultant for Eddie Bauer.

On Keeping Fit: “It’s money in the bank. You’re making deposits now that you can draw on when you’re 65, 75. Every day, I work out and go running or biking. If someone says, ‘Ed, can you leave tomorrow to go to Everest?’ I want to be able to say yes.”

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Young Blood: Grayson Campbell

AGE: 15
SPORT: Diving

“I was 7 when I first started diving,” remembers springboard specialist Grayson Campbell. “ I used to just throw myself off the diving board, but my mom didn’t want me to hurt myself, so she put me in lessons.”

Campbell says his favorite thing about the sport is competition because “it’s where you can show what you’ve learned all year long, and it brings out the best in your diving.”

After winning a slew of national titles, Campbell made finals at Junior Worlds in Australia in 2012. Earlier this year he won silver in synchro at the Puerto Rico Grand Prix. Most recently, Campbell won the 1-meter and 3-meter events at Junior Nationals in early August, which qualified him to represent the U.S. at the Junior Pan Am Diving Championships in Tucson in September. After that? “I’d like to make a senior World Championship team and go to the Olympics,” says the 5-foot-5 Virginia native. “That’s the highest level you can compete in diving.”  

But in the meantime, drivers beware. “Officially have my permit,” Campbell tweeted on July 29. Follow him at @gmcampbell1.

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Young Blood: Nik Baden

AGE: 15
SPORT: Snowboarding

“I’m on my way to New Zealand to go snowboard,” USASA snowboard team member Nik Baden says into the phone. “I might lose service in like 15 minutes.”

The jet-setting 15-year-old was en route to Cardrona Alpine resort for the World Cup, where he competed in slope style on August 19. “I feel really ready, really confident,” he says. “It should be a really competitive field—most of the best riders. I’m definitely a little bit nervous, but it should be good.”

Baden already has more than a decade of snowboard experience under his belt; he started snowboarding on his fourth birthday. “I learned it pretty quick,” he says of that day on Mount Warner, in Steamboat, Colorado. “I definitely struggle with different things, but usually there’s not one thing in particular that’s really hard to do.”

That’s probably because Baden practices just about every day—if not on a snowboard, then in some other capacity. “I like to skateboard and jump on the tramp and bike and do lots of different training,” he says.

Hopefully all that training pays off, not just at the World Cup but further down the road. “For the next season, my goal is just to compete with the best guys and be competitive with them,” he says. “Whether that means making the Olympic team or not, I’m going to be happy either way.”

Fellow snowboarder and 2014 Olympic hopeful Benji Farrow is optimistic, though, calling Baden’s cad double 12 the “best in the game for sure.” Check it out here.

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Young Blood: Mirko Caballero

AGE: 12
SPORT: Climbing

“I got into climbing mostly because everyone in my family was already climbing, even before I was born,” says 12-year-old Mirko Caballero. “I guess you could say I was born in the gym.”

The thee-time national champion in bouldering is quick to note, however, that he didn’t get serious about climbing until much later—at the ripe old age 7, after a stint as a gymnast, during which he developed good core strength and flexibility.

By age 9, Los Gatos-based Caballero sent his first V10, and the following year sent 20 V8 to V11 problems and his first 5.13a. He’s been a member of the U.S. National Team since 2010, and was named national champion in both bouldering (2011, 2012, 2013), and speed (2011, 2012). Earlier this year he took first in the advanced youth category at the Hueco Rock Rodeo.

Caballero, who emailed Outside while bouldering Magic Wood in Switzerland, says his immediate goals are to better his technique and pure power. “In the past year my power has gotten much better, but I would like to progress even further,” he says. “I like to push myself into harder and harder climbs all the time.”

He’s also branched out from bouldering to sport climbing. “I even tried some big wall climbing in Yosemite this spring,” he says, recognizing that he’s lucky to have supportive parents who allow her to travel. “I've climbed in lots of amazing crags in the USA and Europe, but I really hope I can go to South Africa and Australia soon. There are so many amazing places to climb!”

Follow him at @MirkoCaballero or at

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