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This Week's Missing Links, December 8

The best articles, photos, and videos that I didn't post this week—until now. If you only click on one link, make it, "Disappearing Act: James Balog's Quest to Capture Climate Change in Action"

For the best longreads this week, check out "Weekend Reading: Conspirapocalypse."

Why skiing needs a surfline
, Wired Playbook

Paul Kimmage on his evolution from cyclist to journalist, Bicycling

Ligety nabs another victory, and lets loose with some more words on the new FIS regulations, The New York Times

Vonn scores a hat trick, and says she's not giving up in her fight up to race again men, The New York Times

Where is Bode Miller?, The New York Times

The end of snow sports? Outside

Some tips for climbers looking to get life insurance, National Geographic Adventure

Anyone not in favor of Alberto Contador's tainted beef supplier not being the president of the Spanish Cycling Federation? Too bad. The Washington Post

Surfer Keala Kennelly on the possibility of surfing Mavericks, The Inertia

Some really big shoes to fill. Ryan Hall replaces God with a new coach. Innovation for Endurance

World's most popular surfers, as decided by the readers of Surfer Mag, Surfer

James Balog's quest to capture climate change
, Outside

David Quammen on the world's giant trees, National Geographic

CO2 continues to rise—to record levels, The New York Times

Fear not runts, the babies in a birds brood are more adventurous, BBC

South Korea drops whaling plans for now, The Wall Street Journal

Could elephants in South Sudan be wiped out in five years? Scientific American

Don't worry, the elk are more scared of you than they are of wolves or grizzlies, Science

An epilogue on that oyster farm that was shut down outside San Francisco, The New York Times

Some good news for mountain gorillas, Environmental News Network

This catfish goes all orca on this pigeon, Not Exactly Rocket Science

How parasites affect their hosts' brains, The New York Times

All those of in favor of not sitting so much at work, stand up—and move
, The New York Times Well

It's not the Middle Ages anymore. Now we have evidence on how maggots help you heal, Science

Cop saves a student with a defibrillator, CNN

More evidence on connection between routing hits and a brain disease, The New York Times

An unconventional 12-week fitness plan from CrossFit, Outside

On insomnia and trouble breathing, The New York Times Well

Casting new light on insomnia in space, Scientific American

Why longterm ibuprofen use after exercise might be unhealthy, The New York Times

OK, one of the big cons of running backwards is that you can't see where you're going, but what about the pros? The New York Times Well

One way to not get so angry when people are late? Bring bubble wrap everywhere you go. Krulwich Wonders

A DIY open source sub for deepwater exploration
, Popular Science

Nine drones inspired by nature, Treehugger

Where do all those big ideas collected in Brain Picker's tweets come from, The New York Times

The best running shoes of the '70s and '80s, Sam Winebaum

A new camera to help scientists study how auroras cluster, SpaceRef

The man who visited every country in the world, without flying, has some things to share
, Outside

Should there be a national park for the Manhattan Project? The New York Times

An obit for Three Cups of Tea co-author David Oliver Relin
, The New York Times

A lot more on the death of Three Cups of Tea co-author David Oliver Relin, Outside

“I just can’t stand back and not do anything,” Andri Tambunan on photographing HIV in Indonesia. The New York Times Lens

Photojournalism student who died in a bike accident wrote his own obituary in September, Jim Romenesko

—Joe Spring

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