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5 Workplace Perks for the Earth

Bike commute. Photo: SVLuma/Shutterstock

I've recently had an opportunity to tour two new corporate campuses: The Outdoor division of VF Corporation (The North Face, JanSports, Lucy) in Alameda, California, and Clif Bar in nearby Emeryville, California. While neither of those tours made me want to abandon my freelance lifestyle, they both made me realize that being a desk jockey isn't all bad.

I was reminded of this while pursuing Outside's 30 Best Places to Work in the September issue of the magazine, and the 70 More Best Places to Work online compendium. These stories made me want to shine a light on the ways good employers can treat their one, big, common parent company. (You know,  the earth.)

Many of the companies on the list do not make products or offer services with any specific environmental bent (Ecology Project International, Wildearth Guardians, and Coast Law Group are obvious exceptions). But that should not stop them from reducing the toll they take on the environment.

So here are five workplace perks that are also easy on the earth.

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Sports Therapy: Ice Your Injury With Trigger Point's Cold Roller

Sitting for three or more hours a day can take years off of your life. When you're active, you won't lose years, but an occasional bump, bruise or sprain can keep you off your bike, out of your running shoes or off the slopes.

Trigger Point makes lots of sports therapy gear to help active people heal injuries faster and keep their muscles elastic, like the Grid, a hollow foam roller that rolls out lactic acid and other toxins in your muscles, and helps keep tendons and fascia, the sheath around the tendons, from getting hung up.

Trigger Point's latest sports therapy tool combines myofascial release with cold compression. The Cold Roller releases lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles, and helps restore tendons and fascia to health by icing them for recovery. The Roller simulates an ice bath without making you sit in a tub of freezing water or hold a dripping Ziplock of ice cubes on your sore spots.

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Your Non-Spoiler Olympic Primetime Guide: July 30

For whatever reason, NBC is refusing to show the majority its primetime-scheduled Olympic events live. Well, they're showing them on their hitch-ridden, computer-crashing website, but they're not playing most of the marquee events when they happen. Maybe it's working (numbers are on a record pace) or maybe it's just pointless and the people who watch in primetime will watch in primetime no matter what. But whatever.

People also have work/life responsibilities during the day, which is when the Olympics are on. Some, maybe, find it possible to avoid the Internet and experience the tape-delayed events like they're live. If you're one of those people, we're here for you. Inspired by the geniuses at Howler Magazine, we'll be providing you with a non-spoiler guide to the night's primetime Olympic events: What you should watch, what you shouldn't watch, and what happened—without actually ruining what happened. We'll have it all for you each afternoon until the Games are over.

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Outdoor Retailer Sneak Peek: Hydrate or Die

Your body is 98 percent water. Keep your cells happy and hydrated with these new water-replenishing packs for cyclists and runners that will debut at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.


 Hydration Packs made a splash last year with the introduction of their air pressure-powered water pumping hydration pack. Now they have a Gucci underseat bag for bikes with the same tech. The reservoir is in a tool bag that mounts under your seat. The hose runs along your top tube, and the mouthpiece mounts to your handlebars, for the best chance at getting the high-powered stream of water or electrolyte drink into your mouth. Holds 30oz of water and tools or food; $120;

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5 Great Yoga Poses for Active Kids

By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan

As I wrote about in my last post, yoga can help kids develop flexibility, strength, agility, balance, and body awareness. When teaching little yogis, it’s important not to worry too much about proper poses or "doing it right.” It’s more about exposing them to basic forms and muscle memory, and having fun. They will gradually learn the nuances. Here are five great starter poses for building well-balanced kids. They can be done individually as you need them, or together as a sequence.

Summer brings a lot of unstructured time, which is great for free-flow play. But it can be challenging to get your kid to shift from hunting salamanders to, say, prepping for a swimming lesson. Tree pose can help teach the value of a smooth and strong transition. Invite the child to bring their foot above or below the knee and press it into the leg while they press their rooted foot into the ground. To begin, their hands can remain pressed against each other in front of their heart (if they’re toppling over, suggest they place one hand on a wall or actual tree for stability). As their balance improves, they can move their arms toward the sky like branches of a tree. Repeat pose, switching feet for symmetry and strength.

Gearhydrate-postLiam demonstrates the Tree post. Photo: Devin Joesting

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Apr 17, 2014

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