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Outdoor Retailer Wrap Up Part 2: Survival Gear

Let's cut to the chase. Here are a few of the most eye-catching new survival tools we saw at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.

RidgeWenger Hypex Jewelry: Having a multitool on hand at all times is ideal. But with airline restrictions and general paranoia about people carrying a knife, it’s not always practical. Plus a multitool can feel like a rock in your pocket, and look geeky on your belt. Now, you can always have your most used tools on hard with Wenger’s Hypex Jewelry. Wenger, bast know for its Swiss Army Knife, now makes practical pendants for mountain men that look like art. One is a screwdriver, anther a metric wrench, and yet another a corkscrew. (Wenger’s take on what tools you need in an emergency is broad).

“Rather than offering jewelry with a novelty use or survival gear that looked pretty, we bridged the two,” said Alex Reed, CEO of Axel Productions, official Licensee of Wenger.

When you turn your next hike into a summit date, bust out a picnic and open the wine with your necklace. She'll be somewhere between impressed and in love. Available June 2012, $50-$100,



Instafire: The latest entry in the Boy Scout Juice category is Instafire, a powdered fire starter that lights in a second, and can burn on a snow pile, in your hands (demonstrated by Instafire employees—do not try this at home), or in a closed container, like a firepit or outdoor barbecue. It lights and burns in rain, sleet and snow, and will help you get that wet pile of firewood lit on the first try.

The company assures us that Instafire has no harmful chemicals. We assure you that it'll make you look like a hero when the chocolate and graham crackers need toasted marshmellows and it's drizzling or snowing. Available now in single use burnable packets to two gallon buckets, $1.49-$40,

MSR_Fluke_white (1)

MSR Snow Fluke: One of the reasons given most oftenfor leaving safety gear behind is that it weighs too much. MSR has eliminated that excuse for winter excursions with its new Snow Fluke. The new Fluke uses a patent pending punched out aluminum frame paired with nylon-urethane deck to cut material and weight without compromising holding power, whether you’re pulling your ski buddy out of a crevasse or anchoring your tent. It’s the lightest snow fluke available—7 oz for a small, 9 oz for a large.

-Berne Broudy

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