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The Spoke Word: Rapha iPhone App for Group Rides

High-end cycling-apparel company Rapha is launching a free iPhone app that promises to make group rides a little easier to organize. The app, called Rendezvous, tracks not only the obvious stuff like mapping, terrain, etc., but also meeting points and the riders themselves. (See screen caps below.) A message board organizes the comments of those who will be joining the ride and, inevitably, those who will back out or show up late.

I haven't had a chance to play with Rendezvous yet, but I suspect it will be both fun and very helpful. Rapha comes into occasional criticism for its high prices, but no other apparel company has done as good a job of defining and playing into the unique culture of road cycling, both on and off the bike.

Rendezvous will be available in the App Store by this weekend, for free.

—John Bradley

Screen Shots iPhone

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Stuff You Should Click On: Week of October 22

In an effort to bring you the best in outdoor news each day, we comb through a lot of Web content.  And trust us, there's a lot out there. A good story can take a lot of clicks to find. But those clicks often lead us to content that, while not particularly newsy, is too good not to share.

Below, our first weekly roundup of the best links from the week.

Best Answer to a Question You Never Asked
Physics of Wet Dogs Shake Out in High-Speed Videos (Wired Science)


Best Reason to Brew Your Own Beer (here's how!)
Beer Enthusiasts Pick the Worst Beers in the World at (Huffington Post)

Best Way to Geek Out for Your Next Marathon
Metabolic Factors Limiting Performance in Marathon Runners (PLoS Comuptational Biology)

Best Reason to Stay Ashore
Kayaker hit by fish near Big Pine Key (Miami Herald)

Best Alternative Hunt
Southern Utah Police Want Hunters to Help Find Pot Farms (Fox13Now Utah)


Best (Brittish) Persuasion to Go Organic
Rapping about Organic Milk (Yeo Valley)


Best Crossover Performance
Johnnie Paxson, pro comma model (ESPN)

Best Place to Get Away from It All
Superman's Fortress of Sollitude Discovered (

Best Outdoor Photos
Photographers Journey to Earth's Most Dangerous Places for "Extreme Exposure." (

Best News from Way, Way Outside
The Moon Hides Ice Where the Sun Don't Shine (Wired Science)

--Michael Webster

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The Marathon Diaries: Reports from the Sideline

Photo  Christina Erb, here. Here's where we left off: I was debating running a marathon on a bum knee. Thanks, all, for weighing in. I decided not to. But, I still went to support my friend and Outside's assistant managing editor, Ali Troxell, who nabbed her goal. And here's the story:

The night before Nike’s Women Marathon, Ali and I discussed our game day strategy during a carb-heavy dinner at the delicious if not slightly mafia-like North Beach Restaurant. (Read: we ate in the basement surrounded by dozens of hanging salted ham shoulders).

Since my left knee had officially sidelined me from running, we decided I’d skip the starting line and head to mile three to cheer her on and then grab a bus to mile 18 and walk to the finish line. It seemed like a glorious plan.

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Pros and Cons of the 2011 Tour de France Route

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Officials unveiled the 2011 Tour de France route on Oct. 19, and the cycling world can't decide if the climb-heavy route is good or bad.

Tour Director Christian Prudhomme said, "The route of the 2011 Tour has been determined with two objectives in mind: to set the pace from the beginning of the race and maintain suspense right up until the very end."

Here's what cyclists and reporters thought:

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Top 10 Blogs from September

In case you missed 'em, here are the top 10 posts from last month. We dare you not to click on number 5: "Woman Saves Choking Bear".

Number 10: Chrissie Wellington: Riding the Himalayas


Number 9: Ironman Champ Chrissie Wellington's M.O.


Number 8: The Marathon Diaries: Top 10 Cross-Training Tools


Number 7: The Gear Junkie Scoop: Interbike 2010


Number 6: Should You Stretch?


Number 5: Woman Saves Choking Bear


Number 4: Ultracyclist Jure Robic Dies in Car Crash


Number 3: Q&A: Alex Honnold on the Summer of Speed


Number 2: The 5 Best Budget Gear Sites

Number 1: The Origins of the Swiss Army Knife


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