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Dispatches : Oct 2010

Woman Gets 24 Years in Prison for Killing Two Cyclists

An Oklahoma woman will serve 24 years in prison for killing two cyclists in June, 2009, the Tulsa World reports.

Tausha Borland's blood-alcohol concentration was over the legal limit when she struck three cyclists in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, then fled the scene of the accident. Christa Voss, 33, and Matthew Edmonds, 34, were killed. A third cyclist "sustained a concussion, cuts to his back and elbow, and bruises."

The range of punishment for first-degree manslaughter is four years to life in prison, according to the World.

--Erin Beresini

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Top US Climber Dies on Mountain in Tibet

Photo of the Himalayas courtesy of ilkerender on Flickr.

Joe Puryear fell to his death on Tuesday while climbing Labuche Kang, a 24,170-foot mountain in the Himalayas, the Seattle Times reports. The 37-year old fell 1,500 feet when a cornice he was climbing on collapsed.

Puryear became a highly-respected climber in the 1990s, known for his courage and ability to stay calm under pressure. In 1996, the National Park Service hired the Washington state resident as a ranger because he had the climbing skills required to rescue people on Mount Rainier.

"He was an adventurer," friend and fellow climber Mark Westman told the Times. "His thing wasn't about doing the hardest things in the world, but exploring new terrain."

--Erin Beresini

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The Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2011

Not that you need to be thinking about this before your holiday party stretch, but the American College of Sports Medicine has released The Top 20 Fitness Trends of 2011. What's hot? Strength training and core training. Surprise. Six packs and a healthy back scored points. What's not? Stability balls, balance training, and Pilates.

“It appears from this survey that Pilates may not have been a trend at all but may be considered a fad in the health and fitness industry,” said Thompson. “Next year’s survey will either embrace Pilates as a trend or will answer this question.”

We're guessing fad. Sorry Daisy Fuentes.

The other trends aren't going to surprise or revolutionize the fitness world the way that say, super chunky knits or boxy handbags caused guffaws on the fall runways. In fact, some of the entries are a little boring—physician referrals, educated and experienced fitness professionals. Still, here are the Top 10 trends in case you want to start in on your New Year's Resolution a little early. Boot camp anyone?

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Stuff You Should Click On: Week of October 29

Flying devils, physics: explained, a record high, a fine wine, and lo-jacked rhinos.  We're just getting started.  Here's the stuff you should click on this week.


"Flying Devils" — Johnny Rooks: 1. National Geographic: 0.


How High?
Excalibur Billed As The World's Tallest Climbing Wall (Oh Gizmo!)
But is it? Depends on your definition. (Matador Sports)


Speaker Check
Priceless! Boy Rides in Tesla Roadster 2.5 for First Time


Turning Over a New Leaf?
Nicely Maturing Bode Sees Future as a Wine-Maker (Reuters)


Make It Look Easy — IF3 best shot 2010


You Don't Want to Know
What's Inside: Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger Chips (Wired)


The Future of Prosthetics? — Fingerless Robotic Hand Can Pick Anything


Physics: Explained
Unpopular Science (New York Times)


Lo-Jacked Rhinos
GPS Devices Installed in African Rhinos' Horns (Treehugger)


And Some Mellow Vibes to Start Your Weekend Right
Brian Bielmann Slideshow Set To Donovan Frankenreiter's New Song Glow

 --Michael Webster

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Reconsidering Daylight Savings

Photo by Will Taylor 

Recent studies show that discontinuing Daylight Savings Time (DST) could both save energy and encourage people in the Northern Hemisphere to exercise more, Reuters reports.

"It must be rare to find a means of vastly improving the health and well-being of nearly everyone in the population -- and at no cost," Mayer Hillman of the Policy Studies Institute in Britain, told Reuters. "And here we have it."

Britain and Russian parliamentary members are considering bills which could put an end to DST in those countries. Doctors in support of the bills cite the fact that by extending daylight hours, people are more happy and prone to exercise. One study on Britain found that 0.3% of daily energy use could be elimintaed by ending DST in Britain.

Sounds like a good idea to us. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

--Will Taylor

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