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Pack Organizers That Protect Your Gear

ZippDitty Photo

We’ve already published a couple of reviews from Andrew Forsthoefel, our gear tester who is walking all the way from his home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, to the West Coast. 

Andrew has now made it past Santa Fe—a full 2,400 miles from his starting point. He’s walked the equivalent of 91 marathons, or 1.2 Appalachian trails, along railroad tracks, highways, and country lanes. He packed using the Granite Gear Air ZippDitty stow sacks (available now, $15-$30; and the SealLine Nimbus Drysack ($20-$38;

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3 iPhone Accessories You Won't Want to Miss

There are more iPhone accessories on the market than we can count, but we've weeded through some of the newest ones and found three that you'll want to add to your quiver.


Do you wish you had seen the backside view on your last sky dive? The expressions on your friends’ faces when you did the backflip off the balcony at your birthday barbeque? Now you can. Kogeto’s Dot snaps onto your iPhone, and turns it into a 360-degree video camera.

Place your Dot-enabled iPhone flat—whether it's on top of a beer can at your next party or held in your hand—and it gives you a 360-degree scrollable video complete with everything going on in the room. On your phone, you swipe to scroll. It takes a few seconds to calibrate, and auto focuses as it’s shooting. Sound too cool to believe? Check out a tandem sky dive and other video shot with the Dot here. Available now, $49;

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Cycling Shootout: 5 MTB Jerseys

Unlike with road jerseys, where trim and minimal is ideal, mountain biking tops are generally looser and burlier, for coping with errant branches and the occasional trip over the bars. There's a lot more variety in styles and applications as well, so gear up according to your locale, needs, and riding style. Here are a few favorites we've been riding lately.

Twin Six The Grand Prix

We've recommended Twin Six jerseys before, and though they change little from season to season—except the styles—we will continue to advocate for them. That's because this Minneapolis-based company gets the equation between tech, style, and simplicity just right. The polyester microfiber is weighty enough for shoulder season but breathes plenty on the hottest days, and, unlike many tech materials, it's soft and comfy. The fit is roomy but not dumpy, the three rear pockets are low enough to reach into and ample for carrying big loads, and the front zip opens to belly button height for super venting. Best of all is the style and attitude of each jersey, with lots of great looks added each year (like this Grand Prix). Our only quibble: the fabric has a tendency to pull, which makes for the occasional snag. Also, we were happy to see a dark version of the Grand Prix added to the collection because, though we love the white, it's gotten a bit dingy and mud spattered.

BOTTOM LINE: If you own just one mountain jersey, make it a Twin Six. They are virtually all we ride in.

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The Best New Gear for Active Families

The annual Outdoor Retailer Summer Market wrapped up yesterday in Salt Lake City, and Raising Rippers prowled the aisles to find the best new adventure gear for active families and kids. Here are six wow-worthy goodies.

The company that made its name making bike trailers is launching its first toddler balance bike. With an adjustable seat post and handlebar stem, the diminutive myKick is sized for tiny riders and can grow with your ripper. Firm, no-pump tires won’t puncture under pressure, but are still forgiving on rough, uneven surfaces. Nice touch: The glossy, graphic-free paint job in summer green, cotton candy pink, and fire-truck red gives it the streamlined, high-end look of an adult ride. $129;


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Sports Therapy: Ice Your Injury With Trigger Point's Cold Roller

Sitting for three or more hours a day can take years off of your life. When you're active, you won't lose years, but an occasional bump, bruise or sprain can keep you off your bike, out of your running shoes or off the slopes.

Trigger Point makes lots of sports therapy gear to help active people heal injuries faster and keep their muscles elastic, like the Grid, a hollow foam roller that rolls out lactic acid and other toxins in your muscles, and helps keep tendons and fascia, the sheath around the tendons, from getting hung up.

Trigger Point's latest sports therapy tool combines myofascial release with cold compression. The Cold Roller releases lactic acid and other toxins from your muscles, and helps restore tendons and fascia to health by icing them for recovery. The Roller simulates an ice bath without making you sit in a tub of freezing water or hold a dripping Ziplock of ice cubes on your sore spots.

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Apr 18, 2014

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