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Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl on Wild Love

Andy Maser and his team have released the second video in the Wild Love series, a collection of adventure shorts on love, loss, and passion for living. The video is a profile of ultrarunner Krissy Moehl. After winning the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in 2009 and elevating her career to a new level, personal events shook up Moehl's life. Her recovery led to a reinforced belief that winning 100-mile trail races isn't everything.

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Outdoor Retailer Sneak Peek: Hydrate or Die

Your body is 98 percent water. Keep your cells happy and hydrated with these new water-replenishing packs for cyclists and runners that will debut at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.


 Hydration Packs made a splash last year with the introduction of their air pressure-powered water pumping hydration pack. Now they have a Gucci underseat bag for bikes with the same tech. The reservoir is in a tool bag that mounts under your seat. The hose runs along your top tube, and the mouthpiece mounts to your handlebars, for the best chance at getting the high-powered stream of water or electrolyte drink into your mouth. Holds 30oz of water and tools or food; $120;

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Lesotho Olympian Tsepo Ramonene's Motivation to Run

This short 51-second commercial is a really clean and quick take on what motivates Lesotho Olympic marathon runner Tsepo Ramonene. There's much more to his story than you see in the short. The 21-year-old lives with his unemployed parents, his twin brother, and his sister in a house without electricity. "I'm happy to go to the Olympics because I want to win a medal for my country," Ramonene recently told The Guardian. "The Olympics could change my life. Any money I find there, I'll try to build a house."

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Would You Run in a Hamster Wheel to Save the Earth?

Green_wheel_mockupA mockup of the Green Wheel. Photo: Nadim Inaty

Okay, you won't save the earth. But you will help it along a tiny bit.

Nadim Inaty, an industrial designer from Beirut, Lebanon, is developing a public treadmill that would essentially crowdsource electricity from runners. The concept, which Inaty has dubbed Green Wheel, converts kinetic energy produced by a runner inside what is essentially a hamster wheel into electricity.

A single runner could generate about 120 watts in a half hour. That's a minuscule amount of power. It could power a compact fluorescent light bulb for about five hours. Big deal. But if multiple wheels were installed throughout a city and they were regularly used, well, that would create more power, but still not that much. That's not really the point, however.

"There’s a huge lack of knowledge in our community and society about how much energy we consume and what it takes to produce it," says Inaty. The Green Wheel is a way to harvest small amounts of wasted energy, sure, but it's more symbolic than practical.

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Scott Jurek’s Ultra Eating Tips for Young Runners

6a00d83453140969e20176164f75c7970cBy Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan

A few weeks ago, I had the treat of hearing ultramarathoner and author of the bestselling new book Eat & Run, Scott Jurek, speak in Wayzata, Minnesota, when he came through on his sold-out book tour. Because he happened to be in his home state, he called his sidekicks up to the podium, including Hippie Dan Proctor; his high school Nordic ski coach, Glen Sorenson; and his pacer, Dusty Olson. With plenty of families and young kids in the audience, the conversation naturally turned to how athletes of all ages can eat healthily.

Growing up in Duluth in the 1980s, running high school cross country, and fueling up on meat and potatoes and greasy gut bombs at McDonald's, Jurek learned first hand that eating well is essential to running well. Now 38, he’s won 24 ultra races in the past decade, including the infamously brutal Hard Rock 100 and the Western States 100 (with a record seven straight victories) and has established himself as the most dominant ultrarunner in history. Not coincidentally, he’s also vegan.

Seeing Jurek speak inspired me to look closely at the link between what I eat and how I run—something I’ve been thinking about a lot ever since I came down with the flu this winter and a friend delivered freshly juiced veggies to my door. After two juices, I felt so much better that I dusted off our juicer so I could concoct my own super elixirs. Three months in, my husband, four sons, and I eat more fruits and veggies throughout the day and crave less meat and carbohydrates. As a result, we have more energy and have both been running more—a half marathon for Peter and the Afton Trail Run 25K this past weekend for both of us. We’re not going vegan or raw any time soon, but it’s safe to say we’re becoming “flexitarians.” On the days we don’t juice or rely heavily on fruits and veggies, we all feel the energy drag.

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Apr 16, 2014

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