Aerial Sports

Dean Potter on Dealing with Pre-Flight Fear

We caught up with Dean Potter before his wingsuit flight over the ice cream social at Mountainfilm in Telluride, CO, earlier this year. Here's what he had to say about

Soaring with Glider Bob

Bob Saunders is a glider pilot from Telluride, Colorado. Telluride's airport is North America's highest commercial airport, sitting at 9078 feet, and the high altitude makes for unique gliding...

9,000 Jumps with Freefly Rob

Basejumper Rob Heron also known as Freefly Rob has completed 9,000 jumps and is thought to be one of the most accomplished wingsuit pilots. After watching this short edit, it's pretty clear that...

High Desert Paramotor Camping

Last Fall, Team Fly Halo set out on an unforgettable flying and camping adventure in Monument Valley, Utah. This short from

Outlines: The Future of Wingsuiting

"Outlines" tells the story of World Wingsuit Champion Espen Fadnes and his transition to life as a professional extreme sports athlete....

Hawk Wingsuit

A look at the Hawk, the latest wingsuit from S-Fly Equipment. It's designed to maximize maneuverability and agility with increased...


A unique look at aerobatics. Not to mention some of the craziest flying we've ever seen. From Martin Šonka.