Seth Wescott - Surgery to Sochi

Snowboard speedster Seth Wescott had a difficult year, which finally came to an end at the X Games in Aspen, where he faced his final chance to make the Olympic team. See how it all goes down...

This Is Kye Peterson

Produced and edited by Sherpas Cinema. An honest look into the world of

Crashed Ice Season Opener

Red Bull's 2014 Crashed Ice season is in full swing. This event featured a 45-meter vertical drop carved into the side of a mountain in Espoo,...

The Climb

The climb tells about the epic challenge of Luca Galimberti who climbed the Monte Rosa mountain on a cross-country sledge for paraplegic people, using his arms strenght only. Luca is affected...

Wind Tunnel Training with Sarah Hendrickson

Ski Jump champion Sarah Hendrickson finds a new way to improve her flying technique inside a wind tunnel as she prepares for the biggest season of her life.

The Making of 'True To This' - Ep. 3

The Making of True To This: Episode 3 'Not New To This', takes us deeper into the never ending journey of the stone and the beckoning of the inner voice. Explore the fringes of the Veeco Film...

Behind the Scenes with Julia Mancuso

Outside's Grayson Schaffer caught up with February cover girl, Julia Mancuso, before her big shoot. See Schaffer's full article on "

The Crash Reel

A clip from Lucy Walker's staggering new film about Kevin Pierce and traumatic brain injury in adventure sports.

The World's Greatest Athlete

Behind the scenes of Carlos Serrao's July cover shoot with the World's Greatest Athlete, two-time decathlon champion Trey Hardee.