Open Door to Solitude

Every couple of months, 68-year-old Ed Zevely rides into the Colorado high country to camp for weeks at a time—and he does it completely alone. Through thunderstorms, open meadows and...

How To Be

An interesting series of photographs and motion on the cold taking hold of things. A project by Maxim & Katia Mezentsev.

Seal of Approval

A group of divers in the UK has a run in with some very curious seal pups. Shot in the Farne Islands with GoPro's by Jason Neilus.

Tributaries - Trailer

Availible online now! Tributaries is a journey to uncover the commonality among different cultures, people and water. It explores the contrasting...

Who Owns Water - Trailer

Help this film on Kickstarter! Georgia, Alabama and Florida are locked in an epic battle over the fresh water from...

When Winter Ends

Throughout the summer of 2013, professional skier John Spriggs explores the mountains of Montana for ski mountaineering potential. After the snow finally melts away in the late summer, John...

Streams of Consequence

In summer 2010, photographer James ‘Q’ Martin and conservation biologist Chris Kassar started an organization called Rios Libres. The ...

Sixth Element - Northern Lights

A compilation of the aurora borealis from late August to mid-November 2013. The scenes where mainly captured in the areas near Nordreisa, Troms, Norway by Level 4. See also:

The Redwoods

At Ioda, we love what we do enough that it’s easy to get lost in our work. We understand the importance of creating things and telling stories that transcend our daily “to-do&rdquo...


Jack English, 93, lives in a cabin alone in the Ventana Wilderness. ...

Pause #24

A project from Camp4 Collective