Top 10 Tornado Videos - #9

Outside's Top 10 Tornado Videos. Compiled by Grayson Shaffer during his reporting for

Top 10 Tornado Videos - #10

Outside's Top 10 Tornado Videos. Compiled by Grayson Schaffer during his reporting for

The Last Ocean Trailer

Filmmaker and photgrapher John Weller spent nearly a decade shooting in Antarctica. The Last Ocean documentary and


Lake Baikal, Russia, in minus 20C, ice drummers find that the one metre thick ice has distinctive and haunting sounds.

Pause #2

 A project from Camp4 Collective.

Pause #1

 A project from Camp4 Collective.

The Dirty Legacy of Canada's Tar Sands Industry

Lax government oversight of Canada's massive tar sands industry is leading to adverse environmental and health impacts. Investigative journalist Ted Genoways reports on these problems for

The Tornado That Changed Storm Chasing Forever

Stormchasers are risking everything to get closer to tornadoes than ever before. Last spring, during the deadly Oklahoma City outbreaks, they got more than they bargained for. 

Denver Airport Tornado

Senior editor Grayson Schaffer was on assignment reporting a story on—coincidentally—tornadoes when this twister hit the Denver airport.

Nighttime Wildfire Time-lapse

An incredibly beautiful time-lapse of a forest fire burning out of control in northern New Mexico. May 31, 2013.

Burning Man Interview: Marco Cochrane

Behind the scenes with sculptor and Burning Man regular Marco Cochrane. Read about the festival's history in Brad Wiener's story, "

Eagle Owl in Flight

All the benefits of slow-motion video in one 20-second clip.

'Red Gold' Trailer

Join us on Thursday, May 17, between 6 and 9 p.m. MST to watch the full version of Travis Rummel and Ben Knight award-winning documentary.