Outside Adventure Film School

Serac Teva 2010: China Hits the Wall in Vail

Chinese climbers Zuda Ma and Xuhua Pan compete in the Bouldering World Cup. By David Harris, <a href="http://www.adventurefilmschool.com/" target="_blank">Outside...

Serac Teva 2010: Freeriders

Bikers turn tricks and catch big air at the Slopestyle competition. By Troup Wood , <a href="http://www.adventurefilmschool.com/" target="_blank">Outside Adventure Film...

Serac Teva 2010: The Giant Salmonfly

Anglers strategize over the best flies to use for the fly-fishing comp. By Arik Skromme, <a href="http://www.adventurefilmschool.com/" target="_blank">Outside Adventure...

Everest 2010: Scouting Shots

Award-winning director Michael Brown talks about how to get the best shots, by staying ahead of climbers.