Water Activities

Micronesia: Aussies on Surfboards

P-Pass in Micronesia is known for epic surfing. In December, Australian surfer Soli Bailey was there when the swells turned on. Filmmaker

Down Days: River Surfing

A series from Vans, Down Days with the Gudauskas Brothers follows pro surfers Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas...

What Does Your Rush Hour Sound Like?

Hopefully your rush hour sounds something like this. A creative collaboration combining fly fishing and film making shot on the Rush River, Wisconsin. A project from

West Ireland Surfing

Winter brings nice waves to the shores of West Ireland. A tent, fire, and surfboard are the only things you need to enjoy them. A short edit from

Why Do You Stand Up Paddleboard?

In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable standup paddleboard. In this award-winning short film, he...

South Africa Surfing: T.I.A.

Most filmmakers or photographers have been there. You get back from a trip and have several hard drives filled with content. The fun part quickly ends and now you have to make something.

The People of Cold-Water Surfing

A short film about the people who make up the sport of cold water surfing, from a leading cold water surf brand: Finisterre. 

Lights Out in 90 Seconds

Filmed in four hours of complete darkness, wakeboarders hit jumps and perform tricks through clouds of smoke made by the emergency flares strapped to their boards. Filmed in Copenhagen Cable...

Strange Overtones Pt. 2

A series from Liquid Force and Billabong highlighting professional Wakeboarder Raphael Derome. Derome, 21 is already one of the most successful wakeboard athletes out there, and he gotten there...

First Descent: Michoacan

Red Bull's latest web series showcases a kayaking expedition in southwest Mexico. The most spectacular moments, impressive scenery and harrowing ...

Kainos - Film Teaser

Kainos is a short film collaboration between underwater photographer Sarah Lee and visual effects artist and director Jeff Dotson. With stunning underwater cinematography, the film portrays the...

Escape From Bigfoot Country

In the second installment of the Bigfoot Country series, Trevor Gordon has a close encounter with the mythical Bigfoot himself, and finds more adventure in the heart of Cascadia's Bigfoot...

Spirit Canoe

A beautiful short film about the restorative power of the outdoors. Looking for answers and armed with an old map and wooden canoe, a man sets off on a river adventure in this short from

Surfin' Between Storms

During a surf film shoot in Portugal last December, Camilla Kemp and filmmaker Sebastian Linda ran into some major storms. Despite the havoc causing...

THE DEBUT - Trailer

One of the best trailers we've seen in a while. A film about people who love wakeboarding. Coming in April.