Water Activities

Noccalula Falls Full Edit

Pat Keller, Issac Levinson, and Chris Gratsman paddle over Alabama's 90-foot Noccalula Falls. Read True Tales...

Kayaking the 90-foot Abiqua Falls

Watch the Wells brothers kayak off Washington's 90-foot Abiqua Falls, the same waterfall where Tyler Bradt broke his...

The Fiji Vignettes Two

The second of three quick vignettes shot by Taj Burrow of surfers riding waves in Fji.

The Fiji Vignettes One

The first of three quick vignettes shot by Taj Burrow of surfers riding waves in Fji.

Mark Visser's Deep Blue

Read Almost Famous, Kyle Dickman's profile of Visser and his attempt to become TV's next big action...

Teahupoo at its Biggest. . . Ever

Watch Chris Bryan's incredible video of surfers riding Fiji's infamous break Teahupoo. Many are calling it the biggest the wave has ever been...

Surf Tips from Mark Visser

Mark Visser, who plans to surf a 100-foot wave, explains some breath-hold techniques to help you feel more comfortable in the water after a wipe-out. Read...

Rider of the Year

 The best tricks, waterfalls, and rapids paddled by kayakers in 2011.

Come Hell or High Water

A passionate look at bodysurfing in Woodshed Film's lastest, Come Hell or High Water. Read more in Madison Kahn's

Operation Deep Blue

Australian Mark Visser's on a quest to surf the world's biggest waves--even those big enough to flip freighters in the middle of the Pacific. Read Kyle Dickman's profile of Visser

Slippery When Wet: Cody Howard

Shasta Boyz Production's latest teaser for their kayaking film Slippery When Wet--this time with Cody Howard.

The New Rules of Survival

Go behind the scenes as photographer Michael Muller shoots surfer Josh Mohr for our August 2011 cover.