Passion: A World Beard Champion's Story

"Passion" is the story of Jack Passion, a two-time World Beard Growing Champion. This short film from Zack Bainter gives an inside look...

Gordy Ainsleigh - Salomon Running TV

In 1974, Gordy Ainsleigh became the first person to run the 24-hour Western States Trail Ride when his horse went lame prior to the trip. That race changed the sport of long distance trail...

Utah's All Natural Singletrack

Teva Freeride MTB Athletes Cam McCaul and Kurt Sorge travel to Virgin Utah to ride a line McCaul had spotted a few years earlier. This short from

Why Do You Stand Up Paddleboard?

In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable standup paddleboard. In this award-winning short film, he...

South Africa Surfing: T.I.A.

Most filmmakers or photographers have been there. You get back from a trip and have several hard drives filled with content. The fun part quickly ends and now you have to make something.

The People of Cold-Water Surfing

A short film about the people who make up the sport of cold water surfing, from a leading cold water surf brand: Finisterre. 

Winter Light: Dawn Patrol

For those who find solice in dawn patrol. First tracks in the parking lot, fresh snow, and rising darkness have a way of making the early morning worth it. A piece from

Tatsenshini, Alaska: Supervention S.2

The Tatsenshini mountain range is filled with amazing big mountain terrain on the US and Canada border. Join Tim Durtschi, Asbjør Eggebø Næss and Åsmund Thorsen in...

Boyz 'n Toyz - Teaser

Back at it again, the Boyz 'n Toyz crew is working on a new project with the help of Matthias Reich Cinematography. These guys are just having fun,...

Crystal Mt. Avy Takes Out Chairlift

On Monday March 10, ski patrollers deliberately initiated an avalanche that gathered more power and snow than expected, wiping out a chairlift at Crystal Mountain in Washington. Patrollers...

Hawk Wingsuit

A look at the Hawk, the latest wingsuit from S-Fly Equipment. It's designed to maximize maneuverability and agility with increased...