STEPS - The Ride Greener Film

A documentary on our deep connection to the mountains and the challenges of exploring nature in a sustainable way.

Substantial Media House: "Ragnarök"

The Substantial Media House crew, lead by Evan Garcia, Fred Norquist, and Anton Muller paddle through some of Norway's gnarliest water in their latest episode.

The Tornado That Changed Storm Chasing Forever

Stormchasers are risking everything to get closer to tornadoes than ever before. Last spring, during the deadly Oklahoma City outbreaks, they got more than they bargained for. 

Dog Town: The Physical Life

“Having them at our practice is fun for us, but they also seem to help to relax the patients,” says Amy, who owns Advantage Physical Therapy with her husband. “And the dogs get...

Dog Town: The River Life

“At this point, I’ve been with Atlas in an out-of-control raft, with people being sucked out of the boat, high-siding on rocks,” says Wilkes, the owner of Mountain Waters...

DYNAFIT - Art of Skinning

In epidode 1 of Dynafit's education series, we learn about the art of skinning.

Surfing For Change: Indonesia Trash Tubes

Bali is a little island with a big problem - it's drowning in trash. Kyle Thiermann, shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of Indonesia and what we can do to restore it to the pristine,...

Dakota Jones - Running and Climbing

Ultra Runner Dakota Jones speaks about his love of running. Recently he has been doing more traditional climbing, and he is pushing the limits to combine these two sports.

Greg Hill - Earning Your Turns

Pro Skier, Greg Hill, talks about what it's like to throw lifts and heli's to the wind and use his two legs to earn his turns.

Zach Wormhoudt - Surfing Mavericks

Pro Surfer Zach Wormhoudt speaks about a tretcherous day surfing one of the most dangerous breaks in the world - Mavericks.