Viva La Vie

American climber, Jonathan Siegrist, embarks on a journey to France to pay tribute to the roots of modern sport climbing.

10 Days in Peru, A Bike Adventure

Professional Mountain Bikers Eric Porter and Kelly McGarry set off on a bike adventure in Peru. Aside from exploring the country side on bikes, they deliver solar panels to a school in the...

High Line Slack Line with Good Line

Slack Lining is more than a sport for adrenaline junkies, it's about walking the fine line of fear, bravery and peace.

Dog Town: The Mountain Life

“I’ve been raising border collies since I was born, and Buckle is shaping up to be one of the best of them,” says Wotkyns, a guide for Over the Hill Outfitters. “When I...

The Making of 'This is Backcountry' - Mexico

Behind all the action, the glorious heart-pounding shots, and the gritty locales, our video hides a story within a story. Lift the curtain and take a peek into the moments that fell to the...

This is Backcountry

This is Backcountry. Here, blood meets rock, sweat meets trail, and the well-worn path to a routine existence reaches its terminus. This is an invitation to feed your wanderlust.

The Incan Climbing Odyssey Part 1 of 2

This two-part web series follows Marmot's 2012 expedition to the fierce ANDES MOUNTAINS OF PERU. Athletes brave extreme rock climbs and perilous ice routes.

Dean Potter - Highline Moonwalk

The ultimate full moon shot.Dean Potter walks a highline at Cathedral Peak as the sun sets and the moon rises... Music : Wil Bolton - Slate

Best Towns: Park City

Whether it's fly-fishing all summer, or chasing powder all winter, Park City is at the top of our Best Towns list.