Urban Downhill Mountain Biking

Buckle up for a wild mountain-bike ride charging the streets (and sidewalks, and stairs) in Valparaiso, Chile. Only in South America, right?

The Crash Reel

A clip from Lucy Walker's staggering new film about Kevin Pierce and traumatic brain injury in adventure sports.

The Turning Point

Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and son Shawn Raboutou send a testpiece in the Flatirons.

Zero to 100 Trailer

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber tells the inspiring story of professional surfer Lakey Peterson as he follows her around the globe in her...

Denver Airport Tornado

Senior editor Grayson Schaffer was on assignment reporting a story on—coincidentally—tornadoes when this twister hit the Denver airport.

The Disposable Man

The life of a Sherpa is relatively lucrative in Nepal, but no service industry in the world so frequently kills and maims its workers for the benefit of paying clients. As

Nighttime Wildfire Time-lapse

An incredibly beautiful time-lapse of a forest fire burning out of control in northern New Mexico. May 31, 2013.

BASE Jumping Off Mount Everest

Nearly 60 years to the day after the first ascent up Mount Everest, Russian extreme sport star Valery Rozov flew off the mountain's north face, making the world's highest BASE jump ever.

Grizzly vs. GoPro

Ever wondered what it would be like to be eaten by a bear? Find out in this video by Brad Josephs