Shooting Bear Grylls

Watch photographer Art Streiber and his team burn, drench, and torture the king of survival for our September cover story, "

Survivorman: Mountain Slide

An exclusive clip of Les Stroud in Norway from the new season of Survivorman. For more on Stroud, read

Survivorman: Healing Plant

An exclusive clip of Les Stroud in Mexico from the new season of Survivorman. For more on Stroud, read

The Grand Canyon of the Sea

Greenpeace is researching the world's largest underwater canyons at the bottom of the Bering Sea using a Waitt Institute submarine.

Close Encounters

J and K pod orcas surround a boat in Active Pass, British Columbia, on their way toward the Georgia Strait.

Killer Whale Attack

This graphic video from 2006 shows the killer whale Kasatka charging and grabbing her trainer at SeaWorld. It was presented at trial in the case of SeaWorld vs. U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda...

Sponge Science: Research at Aquarius

"Coral reefs are like the rainforests of the sea," said aquanaut and marine scientist Mark Patterson. And sea sponges are one of the main trees in that forest.

Keeping Aquanauts Safe 24/7

Behind every aquanaut is a team of highly skilled, dedicated support technicians that manage the complex life support, communication and research systems that make each mission possible.

Undersea Laboratory Tour

Training for living on the ocean floor is over and it is time to move into Aquarius Reef Baseā€”the last underwater habitat in the world.

How Does an Undersea Lab Get Dry Towels?

How do you get dry towels to an underwater base? Join divers from the Aquarius support crew as they swim down with pressure pots holding essential goods, to the Aquanauts 60 feet below.

Why We Need The Ocean

From 60ft beneath the sea, Dr. Sylvia Earle sends a wake up call about the plight of our ocean and why mankind needs it to survive.

The Warrior

The latest film in the Of Souls+Water series profiles surfer Christopher Peterson. For more, check out this interview with series director