North Fork Championships

In June, the world's best paddlers will coverge on Idaho's notorious North Fork of the Payette for a two day race down Class V whitewater. Get more info

Strength in Numbers

Bombing singletrack in the Himalayas–Anthill Films latest teaser highlights trails and travel in Nepal. The film will be released on April 20th in California.

The Lions of the Masai Mara

Wildlife photography's best new tool rolls. Check out these breathtaking close-ups of lions from Will and Matt Burrad-Lucas.

Dream Lines

What drives adrenaline junkies, like these wingsuit fliers in South Africa, China and Norway, to take outsized risks? Florence Williams investigates in This is Your Brain on Adventure.

One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond is a profile of snowboarder and BASE jumper Geraldine Fasnacht. You can buy the film on March 8 at director Seb Montaz's site.

Danny MacAskill 2012

MacAskill revisits his old employer, a bike shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and takes a side trip to mountain bike in the countryside. Read about it

Cat Power

Michael Roberts boards a Swedish catamaran to report Cat Power, his latest story on the new...

Chasing Water Trailer

Go here to watch the full film and chat with the filmmaker, Peter McBride, on Thursday night...

Rex and Melissa Pemberton

The husband and wife team perform their Wingsuit versus Edge 540 stunt in the video above. Read more in "

Afternoon Delight

This surf video from Cody Caldwell makes us want to ditch the office and go outside and play. For more on surfing, check out the