Rain Drop

A great new kayaking flick from the French filmmakers at Original Production.

How Bikes Make Cities Cool–Portland

The Kona Production crew heads to Oregon, and identifies why Portlanders love their bikes. Learn more about the joys of bike commuting in Tom Vanderbilt's article

Making Waves

Read Zachery Slobig's story on the race here.

Danilo Couto 2011 Ride of the Year Winner

Hear the story of how Brazil's Danilo Couto paddled into an epic wave at Jaws, changing big wave surfing forever. The wave earned Couto the 2011 Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Award. For more...

Laird Hamilton

A compilation of scenes from the movie "Laird."

Behind the Scenes of Further

Watch how Teton Gravity Research's camerament deal with extreme conditions during Jeremy Jones shoot in the Arctic.

Snow Guardians

A new film from Carson Garner about the life work of ski patrollers around the Rocky Mountains.

The Canoe Movie 2

Open canoeing's top athletes take the sport to new extremes.

Big Wave Kayaking

Extreme kayaker Tao Berman takes on giant waves off Oregon's coast, and after riding a 37-footer, decides it's time to retire from paddling.

North Fork Championships

In June, the world's best paddlers will coverge on Idaho's notorious North Fork of the Payette for a two day race down Class V whitewater. Get more info

Strength in Numbers

Bombing singletrack in the Himalayas–Anthill Films latest teaser highlights trails and travel in Nepal. The film will be released on April 20th in California.

The Lions of the Masai Mara

Wildlife photography's best new tool rolls. Check out these breathtaking close-ups of lions from Will and Matt Burrad-Lucas.