In one year, Eric Larson mounted an unprecedented expedition to the polar trifecta: the North Pole, the South Pole, and Everest. Here is a preview of his story, which will be released by year's end.

The Tooth Traverse

Mountaineers Renan Ozturk, Freddie Wilkinson, and Zack Smith take on Alaska's unclimbed Tooth Traverse, again.


Rush Sturges's film Frontier breaks new ground for whitewater kayakers.

Way Back Home

Flips, spins, and stalls--Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill ushers in a new era trials riding.

Living the Dream 2

In March climber Renan Ozturk was injured skiing. He's back on the rock. Watch his road to recovery.

Slippery When Wet: Knight Brothers

Kayaking season's at its peak in California. See the state's best whitewater in Shasta Boyz Productions trailer featuring the Knight Brothers.

Stupid Party Tricks: Matchbox Coin Snatch

Need to make a little money? Here's a trick that could win you some bets at that next summer barbecue. All you need is a coin, two matches, and a matchbox.

Slippery When Wet: Cody Howard

Shasta Boyz Production's latest teaser for their kayaking film Slippery When Wet--this time with Cody Howard.

The New Rules of Survival

Go behind the scenes as photographer Michael Muller shoots surfer Josh Mohr for our August 2011 cover.

Snap Judgment: Walking a Jaguar

Outside contributor Thayer Walker went down to an out of the ordinary wildlife refuge in Bolivia, where he walked a jaguar on a leash. Watch NPR’s new hit show,