2013 UCI World Cyclocross Championships

How much can one person see during a day of cyclocross racing? Look through the lens of Keith Walberg as he made his way around Eva Bandman Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bicycle Helmet Impact Test

Pro riders Mike Clark, Brandon Dosch and Chad Kerley show the tremendous difference in protection between certified and non-certified helmets.

Buying the Right Kayak

REI gear expert Frank Firmat talks with Julia about choosing the right kayak on Outside Television.

Packing for a Hike

On Outside Television, REI gear expert Noelle Thurlow teaches us the proper items to pack for a short hike or an overnight.

Minimalist Running

REI gear expert Paul Battaglini talks about the minimalist running craze with David LaHuta on Outside Television.

Outside 2012 Bike Test

Go behind the scenes with Aaron Gulley and co. as they test more than 50 bikes for the 2012 Summer Buyer's Guide and the Spring Cycling Issue. Video by Jen...

Bike Smarter—and Faster

Matt Dixon of Purplepatch Fitness shows you how every cyclist can benefit from an indoor bike trainer. PLUS: How to boost cycling performance with a few easy adjustments to your form. For more...

Le Reve

This February, Jonathan Siegrist climbed a 5.14d/5.15a, one of the hardest sport climbs in the United States. Adam Roy