Melissa Arnot in Aspen

Fresh off her third successful summit of Everest, climber Melissa Arnot takes time out during Outside in Aspen Weekend. <a href="">...

Everest 2010: Back from the Summit

Director Michael Brown returns from Everestto break down another season of filming.<a href="">Outside Adventure Film School</a>

Prusik Knot

How to tie a prusik knot in a few easy steps.

Using a Torque Wrench

Mechanic Frank Sotomayor shows you how to tighten bolts using a torque wrench. <a href="">Frankie Flats Repair Service, Santa Fe, NM<...

Biomechanical Assesment

Fitness guru Stefan Andermann demonstrates how to asses your body movements before you buy a bike. <a href="">Frankie Flats Repair...

Knot Tying: Figure 8

Outside's Grayson Schaffer shows you how to tie a figure eight in a few easy steps.

Tying a Bowline

Grayson Schaffer shows you how to tie a bowline in a few simple steps.

Everest 2010: Cold and Wet

Taking a cold camera inside a warm, moist tent is asking for trouble. So what do you do when filming on Everest? <a href="">Outside Adventure Film...