The Pros Next Door: The Other Everyday Experts

We asked three hard-charging Outside readers how they manage to stay supremely fit while balancing work and family. The secrets to their success are easier than you think.

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RECOVERY: “Spend most of your available training time (ATT) on the sport you’re competing in (60 to 70 percent of ATT), and add in adequate time to cross-train (15 to 20 percent of ATT). The rest should be spent on active recovery—acupuncture, massage, even an ice bath. Recovery is the key ingredient missing in most people’s routines.” —Charles Lantz, fitness coach, San Francisco

REHAB: “Ride a bike—it’s easy on your body. I’m currently recovering from a torn ACL and lateral meniscus; the only exercise OK’d by my doctor was biking. I get a great cardio workout and strength training in my legs.” —M. K. Taylor, waiter, Jackson, Wyoming

ENGAGEMENT: “The secret is in finding things you love and doing them once a day. Personally, I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, sailing, and hiking. Exercise should be inspiring, not drudgery.” —Mike Lamar, software developer, Felton, California

STRATEGY: “I breathe. When beginning a race, I immediately start breathing more heavily than the field. I’m huffing and puffing, not because I’m out of breath but because I like increasing my oxygen supply before my body starts screaming for it.” —Michael Steeves, personal trainer, North Palm Beach, Florida

PROTECTION: “Get yourself a set of compression shorts. Whether wrecking on a wakeboard crotch-first, having a racquetball slam into your jewels, sitting in a bike saddle for hours on end, or just trying to keep the dangle in your gym shorts a little less obvious, they are crucial.” —Andrew Hosford, high school teacher, Sequim, Washington

MOTIVATION: “Register for a race. Then post your goal on every social-media platform you use. There’s nothing like Facebook accountability to get you across the finish line, even if you have to crawl.” —Madeline Guzzo, writer, Truckee, California

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