Back in the Saddle

A brutal crash ended Jens Voigt's 2009 Tour de France. he wasn't looking for a repeat the next year.

Big Fish

Federal prosecutors announced that they won't bring charges against Lance Armstrong. Brian Alexander covered the investigation when it first started.

It's Like Porn

Presenting the best of a new generation of action films, from mountain biking and snowboarding to skiing and climbing.

33. Beat the Train

On our 2010 Life List: race the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.

Cyclist Liz Hatch

Liz Hatch is an American cyclist who began racing in 2006 and made her first trip to Belgium that summer.

Viral Infection

Four self-made YouTube stars turn their internet fame into Red Bull sponsorships and record deals.

Whistle. Blown.

We all know Floyd Landis is a liar. But is he telling the truth this time?

Lance Armstrong in Aspen

Outside Magazine offers free photo galleries. See the best in outdoor photography, featuring top pictures of Lance Armstrong in Aspen.