Whistle. Blown.

We all know Floyd Landis is a liar. But is he telling the truth this time?

Lance Armstrong in Aspen

Outside Magazine offers free photo galleries. See the best in outdoor photography, featuring top pictures of Lance Armstrong in Aspen.

Who You Callin' Yellow?

He’s two years older than the Tour’s oldest champion, and facing his toughest doping allegations yet. But that’s not stopping Lance Armstrong from trying to make 38 special.

What’s the best multi-purpose backpack?

I’m searching for a great multi-purpose backpack for graduate school. I'd like to use it while biking to carry my laptop, books, and some dog accessories....

Go Your Own Way

Five hundred dollars can buy you a lot of things: an iPad, a mediocre bike, a lawn mower—or three days of glorious summertime freedom (transportation excluded). Here are our picks for the best...