What adventures can I find in Salisbury, MD?

I am moving from New England to Salisbury, Maryland, for work. The problem is, Salisbury and the surrounding area are dead flat. I rock climb, mountain climb,...

Love in the Ruins

A year after Katrina crashed the Big Easy's party, former local WELLS TOWER returned to check up on New Orleans's most beloved outdoor escape, the path on top of the Mississippi River levee....

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From low prices to high comfort, the best new road bikes share one basic feature: fun

Newlywed Games

The first couple of mountain biking set their sights on a Beijing honeymoon

Back Pedaling—the Interview Outtakes

In the March, 2007 issue of Outside, Dispatches editor John Bradley sat down with recently-reinstated pro cyclist Tyler Hamilton for a candid conversation with the 36-year-old about coming...

Caste Away

Adventure sports are more factionalized than religion. And I'm feeling like a heretic.

Live Life in the Bike Lane

If the fitness boost and An Inconvenient Truth haven't convinced you to commute by bicycle, consider this: Even at an easy pace, urban trips of less than three miles are generally faster...