Northern Rockies Nirvana

About 50 miles of burbling Montana riffles roll between Ennis Lake and Quake Lake, on the Madison River, at such a consistent pace that even beginner anglers can cast well enough to sucker fat browns...

Pacific Northwest Paradise

Remember playing Chutes and Ladders when you were a kid? Welcome to chutes and ladders for grown-ups.

New England High

With 100 years' experience operating huts in the Whites, the Appalachian Mountain Club has perfected the art of wilderness hospitality.

Ultimate Cascades

From June to September, Oregon's warm eastern desert sucks cool Pacific air through 4,000-foot-high walls to turn the Columbia River Gorge into a world-renowned wind tunnel.

Sonoran Multisport

The fabled hideout of the Chiricahua Apache, Cochise Stronghold—a complex of domes and cliffs in the Dragoon Mountains, 80 miles southeast of Tucson—is home to 250-plus traditional and sport-climbing...


When it comes to adventure kingdoms, all roads eventually lead to California. Here's where to find the Golden State's secret stash.


After beatiing cancer and winning the Tour de France seven times, Lance Armstrong is vowing to fight one more battle. In the face of persistent allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs,...



Spinning Uluru

The monolithic Ayers Rock gets some respect