Heart-Rate Training

Heart-rate training is the key to gauging your aerobic intensity and building endurance. Here's how to get started.

The Workout Program

In the first installment of Outside's five-part series on the Shape of Your Life, learn how to build your endurance foundation.

Multisport Mistakes

The three most common blunders made by first-time triathletes, according to Eugene, Oregon–based coach (and pro) Mackenzie Madison

Getting In

The details you need to know about registering for Ride for Rockies

Fuel for the Long Haul

Six days and 446 miles on a bike means you’ll burn around 20,000 calories. But don’t fixate on volume alone to replenish that energy. Focus on quality and timing.

Direction Sportif

Tour director Chandler Smith offers his tips on how to make the most of the ride

Tour Mania

Didn’t win the lottery for Ride the Rockies? Here are our favorite alternatives.

Soft Contacts

Nothing will ruin your ride like pain, and the most likely culprit is anywhere your body meets the bike: think feet, hands, and backside. Preempt that discomfort with gear that fits.

The Course

The Lowdown on Getting High

Half Marathon Training Plan

Use this 12-week training plan to run your best half marathon, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro

Yes You Can: Ride the Rockies

If there's one bike tour that's a must-do, it's this Colorado cruise: snowcapped peaks, open valleys, and winding blacktop through the Rocky Mountains. The best part? You don't need to be an...

Yes You Can: Run a Half-Marathon

Our 12-week half-marathon training plan gives you everything need to run a personal best, including race-day nutrition tips and advice from U.S. record holder Ryan Hall.